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The finite mind and Infinite Self!

Updated on October 18, 2016

Quotes from Saints.

The peculiar Mind!

The mind judges everyone who comes into its orbit. It forms opinions about one and all. It creates nasty sceneries within its imaginations. It creates fear within one self. It assumes serious situations. The mind is capable of making one mad or depressed. It creates doubts even about god and the scriptures. How can we term it as a guide or companion? Man blindly believes in its many strategies and believes it to be correct. Someone had said, ‘give the mind, the world and it will hold it and play with it. “Give it god and it will try to think about god for a while and soon forget it and switch over to the world. The fly will sit on sweets as well as offal. But the mind likes garbage more than sweets. But it won’t go near fire since it is aware that it will be finished. In a similar way, ‘mind likes sin and evil but a tremendous effort is needed to make it think about god. God is like the fireplace for the mind and hence it avoids contact with anything associated with god. One small example! Try to sit for meditation for a few seconds! The mind vehemently protests the very idea of meditation. Clouds of thoughts will assail an individual, who tries to meditate on god. But those who want to practice meditation should persist and do not bother about the cluster of worldly thoughts which hit more ferociously during meditation. Just let him observe those thoughts without getting involved in the thought process. This is the first step to reduce the number of thoughts that comes up at any time.

What Ramana has said?

The Real Self within all.

Real meditation is focusing on the Self to the exclusion of all thoughts. Meditation begins when the mind is erased. Mind is nothing but a bundle of desires. Thoughts become desires. A single soldier hiding himself behind a rock in a narrow path can kill any number of soldiers who tread the path in single file. As each soldier approaches the spot, he can kill them one by one. As each thought arise in the mind, quell it at once. Do not enquire the antecedents of the thoughts. Shri Ramana Maharishi has guided the people who come to his presence with few words of teachings. He has said, “As soon as a thought arise in your mind, ask the question, “to whom the thought arise? The answer would be.’to me’. Then ask ‘who is this ‘me’ or the ‘I’? Then the mind would turn inside to find out the origin of the “I”. In this process, the mind loses itself. To a question, “WHO AM I”? He answers it in a very elaborate manner, the gist of which I reproduce here! “I am neither the body nor the mind! I am not the senses or sense organs. I am not the elements which produce many things in creation! I AM I, THE IMMORTAL SELF WITHIN! He further states, ‘bodies come and go but the Self is deathless and survives the death of the body! The self is not born! It was the only existing principle even when there is no creation! It has no form or qualities as such. We can define the self as “I “or “IS”. There was no time it was not. We can simply term it as “ETERNAL EXISTENCE or Sath. It is full of Wisdom or “Chit” and it remains in everlasting BLISS known as “Ananda”. The scriptures talk about it as “SATH CHIT ANANDA”.

Yogananda on mind.

Mind or Intellect cannot comprehend the Self.

We have answers to many questions about the world but we cannot answer anything about the Self! The mind or intellect cannot reach the Self. How the creation can understand about the creator, who is vast, immeasurable and subtlest then the sky? Can we comprehend the sky? Has any scientists has measured space or quantified it? NO, it is infinite and none can understand or define it. Here, I remember the futility of attempts by the tiniest creatures like man! We have the cosmos in which many trillions of galaxies exist. Our Milky Way is a small part of the galaxy. In the Milky Way, where many trillions of stars exist, the Sun is one of the tiniest stars! The size of earth is negligible. On the earth about two third portions is covered by oceans and only one third is land. Out of the land area, some portion are deserts, some are forests and hills. The habitable portion is little. Out of the continents, Asia is nothing and India is of the size of Nano particle. Within India, one’s state is very minute, one’s town is still like a dot and the individual can be compared to the tiniest atom. Is it not a wonder, that the individual has a big ego? We are all nothing compared to the cosmos and creation! Hence at least from now, leave aside the big ego! This ego within the tiny body creates more disturbances within oneself and the vicinity! All the wars, destruction, the nuclear weapons, the terrorism, poverty, pestilence and other evils are the cause of small egos which consider it as BIG! What we know is less than the grain of sand. The knowledge of the self could not be covered even in the Veda, Upanishad and Purana! No religious text has covered the Self-knowledge comprehensively. In fact, all the scriptures are like the ‘guide posts’ which show the direction! The individual has to tread the path himself and reach the ultimate aim! Only the inner Self or consciousness will guide him in the path to eternity!

Nisargadutta on thoughts.

The invisible Self

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