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The flesh of man, the mind of Christ

Updated on January 6, 2014

I was a Christian for 34 years. Christianity served me for a time; however, it no longer does. The last three years that I acted as a "believer," I felt angst and aggravation because I was hurt by the teachings of my church, I entered into the Dark Night of My Soul, and I found Christians to be very dissected from God's loving ways. I was disillusioned by the overwhelming and profuse judgement, the singeing hypocrisy and the brutal legalism. I was crushed by the entrenched ignorance regarding secular situations----especially those pertaining to all the peoples of the world. I was mad at the molested Scriptures as well as the flagrantly painful dogma and doctrine.

My heart has been seeking God since I was a small child. I love spiritual issues, thoughts and teachings. But the Mind of Christ is something altogether more. Jesus lived for approximately 33 years. It took Him that many years to groom His body, mind, soul and spirit for His mission...His soul contract. Christianity, in my opinion, fails to address this. I was a missionary overseas in 1997-98. I didn't want people to go to hell. There was a missionary from my church that had been in Hong Kong for many years prior to my service there. He came stateside to raise money to extend his work overseas. I saw him speak before my church. He told a story about his "achievements" on the missionary field. He talked about baptizing people in bathtubs, leaving God's Word (the Bible) in the hands of his new disciples, and then he spoke of leaving those new disciples so he could continue to "flash fire" convert China into Christianity.

His words concerned me then and they concern me even more now. Christ faced many soul lessons during His lifetime. His regimen was rigorous. His faith was cultivated and tried. Christ's mind developed as His flesh was prepared for His Holinesses' crucifixion (and Resurrection).

Christianity fails to reconcile with this type of discipleship. It picks and chooses its practices based on its denominational beliefs. It fails to teach its practitioners how to commit themselves to a Higher existence through the perfect channel of LOVE everlasting. The Church readily disables the "teach a man to fish" mentality and saturates an entire religion with the "feed a man a fish" mentality. Christianity is in lack---lack of LOVE (lack of God called Love---Jesus Christ). The Church is immersed in ego-centric man-based thought and teachings.

Christ taught about love, light, life, devotion and discipleship. He taught God's Word as Himself because Christ IS/Was/Will Always be the Word, God's breath and inspiration. There was no disparity in His world between God and man. He was both---perfectly.

Jesus lived His faith for He was faith personified as He was, too, the embodiment of love.

He was a teacher, a rabbi in the Jewish tradition. He was begotten so that He could teach humanity the mysteries of the Kabbalah and the fulfillment of the Tree of Life. He would go through a life process that no other had ever endured before: He was born a descendant of King David, yet he was birthed in a lowly manger. He would grow and learn as a Jew. He would eventually be tempted by the great Illusionist, Satan, the fallen angel once called Lucifer. He would willingly accept His destiny and enter Jerusalem in a fanfare of green waving palms. He would suffer emotionally and mentally to the point of sweating blood. Then he would be arrested, tried, and unconscionably sentenced before Pontious Pilate. A ruthless criminal would be set free so that Jesus could be innocent and, yet, a criminal. He would be crucified on a cross to mesh the material world with the spiritual world. He would die, descend into hell three days and then rise again in Holy Resurrection. After convening with Mary the Virgin Mother and Mary the Magdalene, as well as his 12 disciples, He ascended into heaven. He equipped all of humanity with an unactivated rainbow bridge and He, also, left behind His Spirit to guide us every day and night for all eternity.

Christ's mind was disciplined through faith and love---not hell. Humanity has not discovered the magnitude of God's perfect, unconditional love. Christ understood His Father so intensely by Christ's crucifixion that He willingly laid down His life. Christians constantly get caught in the traps of the written documentation about the Godhead. Multitudes trust "leaders and pastors/priests" over their own intuition and Divine channel.

A friend recently had a conversation with me. I got bewildered trying to convey that a person must put him/herself first before any other human being. I explained that people must charge themselves with and in God's perfect, unconditional love and then they must practice loving themselves and FINALLY they must then give love to others. To try this in any way other than that exact path, is to cause dis-ease, dissociation or death (spiritual or physical or both).

But people persist in their beliefs that loving others is the ultimate goal of living. I heartily disagree. Loving God---being in sacred relationship with the Divine (in whatever form or aspect)---is the most important and fulfilling thing we can ever do. Being in God, with God and for God is our Soul's Highest calling.

Tantra is a God given path to nirvana and bliss because it encompasses physical, spiritual, emotional and mental union with the Divine. The body is the temple of the Source. Christianity frequently destroys the human temple by taking the bodymind into a state that has no ground. The Ancient East discovered energy vortices called chakras through the practice of yoga. There are seven main chakras called the rainbow bridge. They are light centers in the color of the rainbow and they run parallel to the human spine. Christianity, if the leadership team is unaware of its overall spiritual practices and how they impact the bodymind, can damage the worshipper's entire Self.

Each chakra has a function in order to keep the vessel of God---the bodymind, soul and spirit---in balance and order. The Bible insists order is imperative but the details of that order are sketchy at best. More than likely, the information was removed from the Scripture at some point in history. The East has been berated by Christianity over and over because the East had/has "bizarre, ignorant beliefs." Furthermore, the East failed to recognize Jesus' name as Redeemer of mankind. But, the rainbow bridge knowledge was first perceived in the East. The yogis developed a science of the body that is balanced and practical---ordered---where the Western body struggles with balance. The body is often denied or promiscuous. The mind is often overintellectualized, ill, or inept. Spirituality is not a daily execution but a convenience for desperation or a mindless activity that neither incorporates receptivity or care.

The mind of Christ is a commitment to love always. It is a daily execution of that love in whatever way life presents it to each one of us on the earth plane. It is mandating Self Love to each of us first, last and always. Our neighbors and the ones in need come after us. It is the "airplane theory" in action: When the oxygen mask drops down, put it on your face first and then on others' faces; otherwise, the whole plane could die. Martyrdom is no longer serving humanity. Sainthood is rapidly transforming. The old level of consciousness is past. We are ushering in the Age of Aquarius.

"Jesus referred to the beginning of the Aquarian Age in these words: 'And then the man who bears the pitcher will walk forth across an arc of heaven; the sign and signet of the Son of Man will stand forth in the eastern sky. The wise will then lift up their heads and know that the redemption of the earth is near.' (Aquarian Gospel 157: 29, 30.) The Aquarian Age is pre-eminently a spiritual age, and the spiritual side of the great lessons that Jesus gave to the world may now be comprehended by multitudes of people, for the many are now coming into an advanced stage of spiritual consciousness."

Christians have been predicting---even longing for---the end of the world since Jesus came to the planet over two millenia ago. I believe Christians are off their mark. They lack insight about the book of Revelation because they see life through legalistic perspectives. They create self-fulfilling prophecies for mankind. They cannot imagine a life void of time and space; and yet, time and space are man made structures.

Psychic development enables people to enter the realm of multidimensionality. Life is eternal. The Age of Aquarius is all about learning how to accept our future as infinite beings. We are craving formal and informal relationship with our Source. We ache to know how, when and where we can merge with our Highest Self so that Divinity is accessible all the time and profoundly so.

Many have not awakened but they will. Lightworkers are opening the wisdom and power of Mother Earth and Father Sky. The planet is being prepared. The vibrations are rising as the old ways are crumbling before us. People are being thrown into change and transformation. Challenges are getting intense. We are all transcending into the Mind of Christ---Christ Consciousness---Pure and Perfect, Unconditional LOVE.

The prayers of the people have been culminating in the ethers, waiting to be released at just the right time. God's grace impeccably charming as usual. Life IS. Christ IS. All else will fall away when we are ready. Our senses will expand. Our hearts will mend. Our love will be infinite. Because we have always belonged to God and it is time we remember that, don't you think???



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    • JoanEB1970 profile image

      Joan Elizabeth 4 years ago from Virginia Beach, VA

      Your comment says what I believe perfectly. I consider myself a Syncretic who embraces One Love. Thank you for your comments. They enrich my heart and expand my mind!

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 4 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your experience. I left Christianity decades ago myself, and in my search found the right path for me. And I think that's what it's all about-- I don't believe there is one single way. All ways are methods for us to connect to a higher power (however one might envision it; I myself an a polytheist). It's not one-size-fits-all and never could be. It's got to be a personal, individual journey, a one-on-one connection. This is why there are so many different ways to connect, what works for one person doesn't work for another. This is a beautiful article that illustrates that need to stop following what other people tell us and instead follow in the path that actually works for us in helping us connect.

    • JoanEB1970 profile image

      Joan Elizabeth 4 years ago from Virginia Beach, VA


    • JoanEB1970 profile image

      Joan Elizabeth 4 years ago from Virginia Beach, VA

      I hear your strong thoughts. I don't agree with them, but I hear you. Blessings to you on your path. There is one truth but many, many paths. Perhaps you will encounter this in your studies of your Bible. Much can be learned from Judeo-Christian Scripture but much has been removed from that same Scripture. You are a vehement person.

    • Paul K Francis profile image

      Paul K Francis 4 years ago from east coast,USA

      I have always felt the power of Christ in my life, yet I also feel free to explore spirituality in the world, and I find it just about everywhere. Enjoyed your hub.

    • profile image

      graceinus 4 years ago from those of the Ekklesia

      Just like you I was very disappointed with my so called "christian church" and it's false doctrine THEY taught. So I left that "church". But unlike you I did not step into another false church that has a skewed doctrine (Kabbalah (or "The Zohar") (or "Book of Splender") or whatever other name they have for it), that you claim is taught by Jesus Christ. I continue to read the Holy Bible in deep study and with the Holy Spirit guiding. Then I found what I was seeking for which is the Kingdom of God ( which by the way is the true mysteries that Jesus taught not this Kabbalah). I continue to have a relationship with our Father in heaven and our Lord Jesus Christ. But never again will I set foot into a man made christian church and fall for their false doctrine.

      I hope one day you too will return to the HOLY bible and seek the Kingdom of God.