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The four categories of people in the world!

Updated on January 26, 2013

Manifesting and displaying holy Linga!

God loves all equally!

There are four categories of people in the world according to scriptures. The first category is known as “Aarthi” who seeks remedies for his troubles and grief. The second category is “Artharthi”, the one who seeks wealth and properties. The third one is known as “Jijnasu”, seeker of real knowledge or wisdom and the fourth one is “Gnani”, the one who has realized the Divine. God accepts all the above categories of people. To the first one, he alleviates his troubles and grants peace. To the second one, he grants wealth. To the third category, he illumines his conscious and grants wisdom and the fourth one need nothing from God since he is a realized soul!

People may be considering that God distinguish the above categories. NO, God grants each one what is desired by them. We may consider the four categories as various steps to attain God. With unfulfilled desires, none would seek god. Hence God readily grants their wish initially. But he enables them to understand that fulfillment of desires or removal of grief and pain can never grant us permanent happiness. When one desire is satisfied, the mind hankers for the second one. This is verily the nature of the mind. If you feed more and more fuel to the fire, the fire raises its tongue more ferociously. Likewise, if you start feeding the desires one after the other, there won’t be any end to it. The best way is to remove the desires itself. But God allows us to indulge in sensual pleasures of the world in order to teach us wisdom. Yes, once man understands that desires lead to more grief, he will try to curb his desires one by one and venture into spiritual path.

Hence, those who treads spiritual path should not look at any man as inferior due to their sticking to worldly ambitions. One great obstacle in the path of spiritual aspirant is “Ego”. The ego of the ordinary worldly people can be tolerated to an extent since it is natural. But a spiritualist should be humble to the core and he should never entertain the idea of ‘selfishness’ at any time. This will plunge him to abysmal depth of sin. Hence, if one wants to progress in spirituality, he should remain as a ‘hollow tube’. He should leave all preconceived notions about god. He should abandon intellectual arguments. He should be unbiased in all matters. He should never judge anybody or form opinions about others. He should serve the poor and destitute with love. He should never hurt any even in his thoughts. He should maintain purity of thought, word and deed. He should do what he says and he should say what he thinks. His thoughts, words and deeds must synchronize. Then only he can progress in the path of spirituality.


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