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The fundamental Unity of all beings!

Updated on August 8, 2016

Symbol of Unity

Perceive the unity behind all diversity!

There is no unity either among the people or among Nations. How harmony could be built up in these circumstances when there is no ‘cohesiveness’? Who can unite people of the world? Who can build a unified humanity and world? None of the leaders of the Nations are capable of the mammoth task! In fact, each individual in this world is a puppet to whims and fancies of his own mind. No two people see eye to eye! Only the one, who has initially built everything, could repair it. Hence it is no human task. But every human being has great responsibility towards maintaining harmony and peace in this world. Everyone has to transform him, and then the world would have transformed itself. We need not try to correct others. Rather one should correct oneself.

Creation itself is possible only when two forces opposing each other are present. It is the good and evil mix enabled the creation. Out of purity nothing will arise. When there is ‘white alone’, nothing can be seen. Because of the dark colors intermix with white; we get many shades of colors. In a similar way, the five fundamental elements like earth, water, fire, air and ether intermingled with each other and the universe is born out of the permutations and combinations. Hence none can avoid perceiving duality in the created cosmos. A small point (center) enlarges into a big circle. A tiny seed of banyan become huge tree in twenty or thirty years. The scientists aver that the world is expanding! The sky is absolutely empty and extends to infinite dimensions everywhere and hence trillions of galaxies are in place in the huge space of the sky. Without feeling awe at the magnanimous creation, man fight with his own clan for silly reasons. The main reason is that each individual feels that he is separate from the rest. He is not aware that God connects all beings like a garland is woven around a single thread in the center. Flowers may be many but the garland is one!

Be united and save the planet!

Human body is a clear example of coordination!

This is the underlying Unity behind the diverse entities. We are too much concerned with the diversities but fail to notice the fundamental unity of humanity. This is the reason for so much of hatred between people and Nations in the world. The creator has ensured perennial supply of grains when the riot plant seeds on the tilled earth. In few months, the grains will be ready for harvest. Earth, water, air, sunlight and ether has ensured the supply. But, for our part, we have to till the field, and plant the seeds in time. He has ensured food to appease our hunger. He has provided perennial water through copious rain in the rivers and lakes. He has given us seasonal fruits, plants, green leaves, herbs to cure ill health. He has created milk animals for the supply of health giving milk from children to elders. Besides milk, we get curd, butter milk, butter and ghee as the byproduct of milk. We get varieties of grains like rice, wheat and barley. There are seasonal pulses like toor, Bengal gram and many kinds of pulses. Nothing is lacking in the universe for human and other species. While docile animals eat grass, green leaves and stalks of paddy after harvest, the birds eat fruits and nuts. Even for the mosquitoes god has ensured blood from other beings. In the forests, wild animals feast on the flesh of deer and other cattle.

Whatever we eat, it is digested systematically to ensure health to all the limbs of the body. The stomach digests the food and the nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine and the waste is excreted after process in the big intestine. Many juices produced within the glands ensure absorption of nutrients in the blood stream. The blood stream carry oxygen and nutrients to each cell of the body and the waste is collected through the blood stream. The lungs clean the air inhaled in and supply them to the blood. The kidneys filter enormous quantity of blood and segregate the waste. How perfectly every task is coordinated inside our body? The heart ceaselessly pumps the blood to all the limbs including the brain. Even if there is stoppage of blood to any part of the body or brain, that spells disaster. We often hear about ‘brain dead’ from the Doctors. Blood supply is obstructed somewhere on the path to brain. Even a few minutes delay will complicate the problem and the patient is likely to suffer from paralytic stroke!

Thoughts from Tagore!

Do not waste the precious human birth!

How all the above functions are possible? It is the smooth coordination and co-operation of different parts of the body and the minute glands inside, that ensure the survival of the individual body! When such is the case, how much more co-operation and coordination is needed for the harmonious and peaceful survival of entire mankind? God has given us brain, thinking mind and an intellect to discriminate and choose wise paths. But, man follows the promptings of the mind which are enslaved by the senses, and descend ultimately to bestial level. The human birth is a great blessing. After toiling through many lower births as various species, we get the ultimate chance to take birth as human beings! We should never waste this golden opportunity and follow the dictums laid down in the ancient scriptures to lead righteous ways, uttering truth and loving all. We should help the poor needy distressed persons with food, clothing and the wherewithal for a dignified life. It is not enough if we take care of our little families. “All are one; be alike to everyone” said Jesus. Hence let us help all and serve all. We should never hurt anyone even in our thoughts! Truth, Love, Non-violence and sacrifice must be our motto in life. Then we can ensure a harmonious world!


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