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The future events prophesied in the scriptures of the world!

Updated on August 7, 2016

Apocalyptic times.

The span of Kaliyuga curtailed purposely!

No doubt that the span of Kaliyuga has been mentioned as 432000 human years. But the mounting atrocities have dampened the spirit of the Lord and he had deputed the ancient sages like Viswamitra and Sage Amara to set right things. It seems that the span of the present Dark Age is being curtailed at the instance of the Lord. The sages are already at work at the gigantic project and it is not that easy. First good and holy vibrations need to be planted all over the earth! It is seen that the dark evil forces are at their vortex to destroy this beautiful planet forever. This is not fiction but recorded in several ancient scriptures of the world both in Islamic and Christian literatures but not specifically.

In the ancient Hindu Puranas and in Islamic writings about the arrival of “Hazrat Mahdhi”, there were many prophesies connected with the end of time, the reign of the dark and evil forces and their atrocities have been detailed. Severe flooding all around the globe, many earthquakes and furious weather patterns marked the culmination of evil forces on earth. Fire storms will come down from the sky decimating around two third of the population. The good people, who follow the dictums of religious scriptures, who have full faith in the Justice of God will be spared from these catastrophic events. We are hearing about ‘apocalyptic’ times when the evil will be affecting the earth with full force! The holy and godly forces will decimate the evil forces after relentless fight by various means! The dawn of new era has been mentioned in several scriptures. It is said that trinity in the form of goddess, Jesus and another pure love incarnation will jointly guide the good people thereafter. Heaven will be established on earth! Many such prophesies point out to the years 2016-2017 for the arrival of Messiah on earth!

The evil and dark forces

The noble forces are already at work

None can deny today, the existence of evil in full force in various parts of the globe. Their identity is not so important but the evil they indulge everywhere is barbaric. Don’t we hear about the intensity of evil and torture against women and children are increasing day by day! Even to call those perpetrators of heinous acts as beastly is wrong. Beasts are by far better in their activities. They kill only when they are hungry. Systematic killing of young women and girls, when they refuse to submit themselves to the monsters in the form of human beings is the most heinous sins mankind has committed so far. No doubt that the first target of holy forces is those scoundrels in the form of human. Even to think about them is a sin. These are the very occurrences which were mentioned in the scriptures. Hence from now on follow the conscious and do not commit evil in any form. Do not indulge in evil thoughts anymore. Even now the time is not late. Contemplation of god is the only way of retribution from now on. “Follow the Master; Face the Devil; Fight upto the end and Finish the game!

The master is not outside. He is our inner Self. Facing the devil means facing evil squarely on the face in order to defeat it. Fight upto the end means we should not relent to the evil in the middle and Finish the game is to achieve our aim of God-Realization here and now! Do not hanker after wealth or women. Everything in this external world is ephemeral like the “lightning and thunder”. It is there for a moment only then gone! We have to wait for the Lord who is going to herald the New Age! God’s ways are inscrutable. None can predict the exact date and time of His arrival on earth! To many seers and sages, he has promised his arrival or re-appearance and future mission. Many devotees have recorded their visions and dreams about the impending arrival of the Lord! The advent of Jesus around 2000 years ago and His supreme sacrifice will never go in vain.

Watch and Pray

The arrival of Holy spirit and end of Dark Age!

There are many forces silently working for the reappearance of the Holy Spirit in human garb! What is needed today is Full Faith in the words contained in various scriptures of the world. For the past few years, many forums have started recording faithfully, the experiences of various good people around the world. There are secrets of Fatima recorded in many places. They are clear about the future events and mention about the destruction of evil in very clear terms. But those who follow spiritual path and have their fullest faith and confidence in God need not fear about anything! Pray silently and anticipate His arrival. No doubt, it would be a world shaking event and the war between the evil and good is going to be very fierce! The Lord has tolerated the atrocities of evil until now. He will pay back in the same coin.

People who have clear conscience need just to watch how the events unfold around the globe! This is not fiction or imagination of the mind!


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