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The gospel of poverty... And how it claimed America

Updated on March 5, 2016

The closest thing to God's Heart: Souls.

The closest thing to God's Heart: Souls.

If the Lord made the streets of Heaven out of transparent gold, it seems the only thing from keeping people from prosperity is conception. We can not see Heaven. It is there, written in the Bible, but we have trouble receiving He wants us to prosper! But without gold, the currency of earth, we can not increase the citizenship of Heaven: Souls.

With 6 billion known people on earth, Christianity only trickles in salvation and conversions. The harvest is white, the laborers are few. God the Father is the great steward, and we are His hands, feet, and body. The Body of Christ relies on Jesus Christ to be the source for the ministry needs, through the promises in the Bible. After all, even Christ spoke to us to pray for laborers. It is our responsibility to stand up for Christ, for love... After all, it is His love sustaining us.

Prosperity came to Abraham, a friend to God. Gold and silver found their way into the hands of the Hebrew children. Job, after being tested, came into double his losses. Solomon's wealth was more than all the land.

Yet, none of these or much others were linked to soul-winning. They all had deep relationships with God. And having God as a friend, in covenant relationship, we are entitled to all the Bible speaks of. Listed below are links on scriptures concerning prosperity.

The lost soul


Why God' Will is for you to prosper...

God's Word mentions money over 2,000 times. It is amazing when we read the scriptures we doubt it is that many times. Matthew 6:33 speaks about putting the Kingdom of God first and His Righteousness and that everything else would be added unto you. Having money isn't the problem, craving it is. Even the parables speak of stewardship.

Parables from Christ give a clear example of God's Kingdom concerning stewardship. From planting, to sowing, to investing, to cunningness, to practical planning, God's stewards worked in the light of a coming master, and often without a master's overseeing. The Father watches in secret rewarding openly.

God made prosperity a gift for you to enjoy and for others to find Christ. He blessed us, through abiding in His Word and His Word in us, to be able to reach our worlds, and beyond. We must have the accountability of others to share focus on the foundation Christ not the sandy foundation of possessions and money.

We are not to love possessions, but to in a sense hate them. We have to understand their power and we must love and remain loyal to our Master Christ Jesus.

Jesus walked everywhere He went. But now, we need planes.

Proverbs speaks of having wisdom over gold. It mentioned the word gold. So gold exists. And it does not speak of wisdom as the sole thing, but the primary thing. And in all your getting, get understanding! Knowledge puts riches in the house. Do not be ignorant nor be deceived by the world.

Colleen Briggs


In light of America's condition...

It seemed like in the 90's the prosperity gospel was a major division for America. The enemy took advantage of the confusion and around this time a recession hit. The fields of missions around the world were still being funded by America but it seems America was falling away from the deeper foundations faith, healing, principles in the Bible. The pillars of faith seemed to fall asleep, fall away... The power of God was laid aside for TV, secular music, etc...

The enemy attacked the way we exercised our faith: claim it, speak it, call it... The true gold is our faith. Faith works through love. We must abide in faith, hope, and love. Especially love. There are too many healings to say God doesn't heal. There are too many lost to say we don't need to invest in missions. There are too many missions to say money isn't needed. There are too many blessings to say God does not want us prosperous. There are too many people in hell because we failed to do something. There are too many variables to say poverty is God's Will, to say prosperity is false... In fact I believe unless we sin bravely we are immersing ourselves in red tape.

Using prosperity for to fund the gospel around the world.

The gospel of Christ has found every convert on this planet. Without the gospel preached, the end of the age, the return of Christ waits. It is through the love of the Father for this to happen. Again, His hunger for the lost, His need for us to reach, pray, act, consumes Him. As He can trust us with finances, we can push onward into the deep where the lost souls are. But we can not fund world missions as we could with a deeper commitment to Him and His trust with the greater blessings. Christ fed those thousands on the mount with fish and bread... Fish and bread which were given to him and it overflowed in return. Prosperity is multiplication in the Hand's of Christ. Without an overflow from God He isn't glorified. After all, Christ blessed and gave thanks in front all with a simple plate of food.

The parable of the sower, in fertile ground, yielded 30, 60, 100 fold. Yet his efforts brought him through different terrains.

A prayer

Convict us city wide of the local churches of sin judgment and righteousness. Holy Spirit turn our pastor's hearts to the deeper things of God. Woo them Jesus! Find a way to open their eyes to the sin which has beset us as their flock. Holy Spirit we remind You of Psalm 133 where the blessing is COMMANDED by God where His people dwell in unity. Father, remember the tithe of the people from 2014 and we claim every blessing and promise Your people have not reminded You of. Papa God, open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing we can not contain. Remember to rebuke the devourer for their sakes! We are testing You of Your Word Father! In Jesus' Name amen!

The closest thing to God's heart...

Souls. God's heart is souls. He created hell for fallen angels not fallen man. We have been given a Bible of 66 books which reveal to us God. If God is adamant on our healing, our prosperity, our protection, our rearing, our well being, how much more the lost dying every moment? Where are the Billy Grahams, John Osteens, Kenneth Hagins. Where are our promised lands we strive for against an ever wrathful enemy? Where are our Gideons, Deborahs, our Davids?

God reminds us in Jeremiah that we must seek Him with a whole heart for us to find Him. We must return to quiet times, to worship, to praying together, to witnessing, to church going, to interceding.


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