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The grand creation is sustained by the creator in myriads of ways!

Updated on August 9, 2017

The holy chant of Gayathri!

The powerful chant of Gayathri will detox the atmosphere!

In Hindu religion, chanting of Gayathri thrice a day has been in vogue for several thousand years. Due to the onslaught of Western culture and materialism, many Indians stopped the practice. Hence every year, during July-August one day after full man day, those who missed chanting daily could compensate by chanting it 1008 times at one spell. Though it cannot equate the daily chanting, yet it is a kind of little compensation. Hence on this day, many Indians dutifully repeat the chant for 1008 times and it may take around two and half hours if chanted slowly. What is this chant and what is the effect of this chant? The Gayathri chant is a prayer to illumine our “Buddhi” or intellect. It is a prayer addressed to goddess Gayathri. By repeating this chant contemplating on the meaning, our intellect is cleansed of all dirt that fogs our conscious like lust, anger, pride greed and miserliness. The chant destroys attachment towards the illusory world and persons. We get light and heat from the Sun God. Many people consider that the hymn Gayathri is worship of Sun God requesting him to clarify our intelligence by removing the darkness hidden in it. Many people consider that this chant is meant for Hindus. In fact, Gayathri is a universal prayer and everyone on earth can chant it. Correct pronouncement and knowing the meaning behind it could enhance the power of chant. With faith on its power to protect the one who chants it, we can get immense benefit. It is said that the chant protect the man who repeat it in the mind. There is no hard and fast rule for chanting. Anyone can chant the Gayathri at any place and at any time. However, the most auspicious time is Dawn, noon time and the evening when the sun is about to set. While computing to workplace, we can engage in mental chanting of the Gayathri. Many Westerners practice this chanting after learning from their Indian counterparts.

The effects of Gayathri chant!

Intellect is the most valuable instrument in human beings!

Intellect is the most valuable instrument in human beings. With the help of the intellect, man can rise himself to exalted heights. Most of us never rely on the intellect but depend on the dual illusory mind. Hence we land in troubles most of the time! We know that harmful bacteria in the body are resisted by antibodies. White cells converge in the place of infection and fight with the bacteria or virus. Hence there is pus formation. Pus is the indication of healthy cells fighting the intruders. Hence it is a good indication that our body is resistant to external intruders. In the same way, the atmosphere polluted by banal thoughts, anger and other negative elements will be cleansed by chanting Gayathri. Even in Christianity, there is carol singing moving along the roads. The purpose is to disinfect the atmosphere polluted by human vices. It is our responsibility to keep our inner self and outer surroundings pure! Many of us may not be aware that all our thoughts, feelings and emotional outbursts reach the atmosphere and remain there these negative vibes could be destroyed or cleansed only by positive vibes. Positive vibes develop by congregational prayers. Hence in the churches, prayer meetings are followed by singing groups. Thus there will be reverential atmosphere in the churches, mosques and temples. Each religion has prayers appropriate to their religion, divine music and chanting. Religious texts are read during such mass prayers. There are two kind of human activities, one is mundane for filling the belly, the other one is most elevating in quest of the spirit. It is like the two feet by which man walks. We cannot neglect any. As long as we live in this body, we need food to sustain it. Hence some effort is needed to earn and procure items of nourishment.. Having obtained a decent livelihood, our aim should be towards spiritual path. The body and mind is granted for the sole purpose of realizing the Divine within. Prayers and chanting aid our development and progress in this spiritual path.

The subtle meaning!

Hatred is alien to human nature- Love All.

When Jesus said, “Love all, it implies that we should hate nobody or no being in the world. In the Bagawat Gita teaching, Lord Krishna emphasizes “Never hate any being in the world”. Hate is a fundamental flaw in human character. The Lord loves all, even those who defy him. Hence Jesus said again, “Love your enemies”!. There is a salient point in this teaching. “All are One; Be alike to everyone” said Jesus. When all are one, how can we hate anyone? When you love others, in fact, you love yourself. When you hate others, you hate yourself alone! Is it not ridiculous? When everyone is an embodiment of God, how can we hate any? If we do so, we hate the very god who is the core of our being! Hence it is said in all the scriptures, that God is the indweller! Our bodies are like temples wherein God is installed. We are the moving temples! There was nothing before creation took place. Hence we can logically conclude there was no secondary thing. The one alone has become all this! If a silver vessel is made, can we differentiate the silver from the vessel? Hence silver is fundamental and it went a transformation is shape and form. Similarly God pervades the creation and there is nothing apart from God! In Hindu scriptures, the creation has been explained in this manner. “I am alone; Let me become many” is the prompting from the Omni self which resulted in all this flora and fauna! Arose the earth and sky and the various living beings like insects, birds and beasts occupied their respective habitats. The supreme status was given to man. Since no other species is able to understand and appreciate the creation, God created man and blessed him with intuitive faculty and thinking mind. Thus man has evolved from the cave dwellers to the modern man who is able to process information through computers and internet! If we deeply contemplate, we can understand that all this is god’s footwork and there is none secondary to him!

Trinity as per Bible...


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