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The grand purpose of human life!

Updated on August 1, 2017

We are here to recognize God.

The grand purpose of human life...

What is the grand purpose of human life on earth? All other species do not have a mind of their own! They act as per their inner instincts. But man alone has the capacity to reach the highest spiritual aim of realizing his identity with the supreme self. Other species just spend their life, eating, drinking, sleeping and mating. They have no urge to hoard. Man alone is after wealth and properties since he feels that the wealth will grant him comforts and perpetual happiness. But he toiled much on earth to earn each penny. When he becomes old, he cannot enjoy all the luxuries, money grant. He become weak and he cannot consume all that he wants. Due to the stress and strain he spent during his younger and middle age days for earning and accumulating things, he is paying through his illness, diabetes, BP, ulcer and many other problems. Doctors warn him ‘high cholesterol”. He must curtail salt and oil. In the end he has to eat only insipid porridge for the rest of his life. If he does not follow the diet recommended by the Doctor, he will end up in bed! See the lifestyle of youth today.They is full of tensions and anxieties. They compare the life style of peers and friend. This is the reason. Go to the richest person on earth and ask him whether he is happy or peaceful? None will affirm this since wealth brings all anxieties in quick succession. In fact, the man who has fewer wants and is content with what little he has is the happiest and peaceful person. The Railway compartments in India carry advertisements inside, “Less luggage, more comfort, make travel a pleasure”. It is equally applicable in human life. We carry lot of luggage in the mind in the form of worries, desires and ambitions as a result of greed. This mental luggage is weightier than the physical luggage mentioned by Railway. Hence the purpose of human life is not for garnering and hoarding wealth and properties but relinquishing all attachments to the perishable body and the world outside. We are here to know our real identity with God!

Yogananda said...

How can we identify ourselves with Supreme God?

Many may wonder, how we can think ourselves as identical to God, it is blasphemy? No, on the contrary, it is the real truth of every individual soul. We are part of the supreme soul. Imagine the sea, wherein we are attracted by the huge waves that arise on the surface which always come rushing to the shore, only to retreat with the same force. What we consider separate as waves and foam is really made up of sea water. The waves rise from the sea and subside in it! How they can be apart from the sea? In a similar manner, God is the basis for the entire creation and cosmos. He can be compared to the depth of sea, over which the creation dances like huge waves! Though they are seen as separate and distinct, a little reflection will convince that all the phenomena is based on the sea. Without the sea, there is no chance for waves. Wherever we watch the sea, waves are part of it and they are one and the same! The wind has caused the waves. In human life, desires cause mental waves and hence we are always agitated and tossed by the unsteady mind! If we are able to quit the thought process, then we can enjoy the serenity associated with the self. In deep sleep, everyone enjoys a strange joy. But he will be able to express it only on waking. This joy emanates from the self and during deep sleep, mind merges in the self. Hence deep sleep is invigorating and everyone likes peaceful sleep without any dreams. If we observe the pranks of mind, its turnings and tumbling, we can come to a definite conclusion that the mind is the chief obstruction to peace! Hence from time immemorial, our ancient sages and saints focused on spiritual path. They observed that unwanted thoughts cloud the mind and if one is rid of all thoughts, he can remain serene. Hence they focused only on God, the real Self of all beings. They relinquished all distracting thoughts through single pointed focus on God. Slowly, in course of time, they were successful in abandoning the thought process itself. If you investigate about the mind and its deceptive ways, it will flee. We must never believe the false stratagems of the mind and we should never get sucked into its plays. Hence it would be better to stay away from the mind and the banal thoughts. Initially, it will be good if we could divert bad thoughts with good thoughts. If we persistently practice the same, one day all thoughts will vanish. We might have noticed that villagers remove the thorn struck in the sole with the help of another thorn and throw both away once it is removed. Similarly, bad thoughts could be removed by good thoughts and we can dispense with both once we succeed in removing the bad one.

Human life.

All chains bind irrespective of the material.

All chains bind man irrespective of whether it is made by iron, brass or gold! Only the material differs but the binding is there. Similarly the three fundamental qualities like Sathva or serenity, Rajasic or passionate, and thamasic or dullness, all equally bind us. Our aim must be to go beyond all these qualities. One must conquer dullness with activity and sublimate the activity in service and worship. Finally, he must come away from the shackles of all the bondages. These are all steps to realize the Divine within. As a child learn alphabets and numbers by looking at colorful display of things, birds and animals, we start first with action which is our legitimate duty! When we perform our actions selflessly without any desire for the results, it will lead us to love for god and ultimate wisdom!

In the Bible, it is mentioned that Jesus expressing himself as a ‘servant of God (Father). After few years, he said, “I am the son of god. When he has advanced in wisdom, he declared “I and my Father are one! Though the ways of teaching is different, the essence is one and the same whether one pursues Hinduism, or Christianity or Islam. All religions teach the fundamental oneness of God who is called differently in different languages or religious practices. All routes take one to the summit. We may start from any point in the base. Ultimately all reach the same summit God!


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