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The great drama of Life!

Updated on August 3, 2013

We are all reflections of God!

The one who is the conceiver, director, costume designer, scriptwriter is the ‘all in all’ of the show! In a similar way, God is the conceiver, director, scriptwriter, costume designer and he decides the entry and exit of the various actors when the screen falls! This was revealed by Sri Sathya Saibaba in one of his Divine discourses to the visitors long ago! Many may think about the role played by human beings in the drama of life! We know that in a drama, the artists don different roles and act their allotted roles perfectly depicting the characteristics of the role, the mien and mannerism. But in respect of creation of the cosmos, God is the all in all. He is the conceiver, director etc. In some scriptures of the East, it is also said that God himself don the various roles of human beings too. In addition he is the spectator of the drama or a witness! We cannot prove it logically since the concept of God and creation is really beyond the ken of human mind and intellect!

Let us now understand the role of human beings in the drama called life. Every one of us is allotted a character in the drama of life. We have to act our role in perfect sync with the character depicted and earn the appreciation of the Director, when the scene ends or we make an exit as per the theme of the drama. Man unknowingly identifies himself with the role allotted to him. First he must understand that it is only a drama! His real identity is different from the role he plays in the drama. For instance, a poor actor has been commissioned to play the role of a king! How long he can conceive himself as a king? Till the drama ends or his role in the drama ends. Once he removes his makeup and removes all the dresses meant for the king, he knows that he is a poor man taken to acting in order to earn a few rupees for livelihood. Likewise, a really rich man also dons a character of poor man in a drama. He never bothers since intuitively he knew that he is a rich man. Only during the play he has to don the costume of a poor man and depicts his poverty.

The advaita philosophy taught by Sri Adhi Sankara, a great saint born in seventh or eighth century implies that all are different forms of God or manifestations of God. God resides as the Atma in every individual. We are all inherently divine but believe ourselves as mortals subject to birth and death. This false identification of an individual with the body leads to all grief and unhappiness. Hence the saints and sages exhort us to remove this false identification with the perishable body and identify ourselves with the immortal Self within. We may give here one analogy. The Sun is One for the entire universe. But its reflections can be seen in the pots filled with water and kept in the open. In each of the myriads of pots, a separate sun is seen. The number of suns (reflections) will be equal to the number of pots filled with water. But the original sun is only one! God is like that. He alone exists but his reflections are everywhere as the Self in each individual!

The teacher and disciple!


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