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The heralding of Golden Age is near!

Updated on July 21, 2016

In times like these..

The descending society and morals!

Avoid reading newspapers, avoid watching news channels etc. By this way, one can remain calm and composed. What gain we reap by going through the atrocities of mankind to their own brethren, sisters and children! Man has become a bestial animal, though he resembles a human being outwardly. Ban the media, ban all the TV channels, blurting out twenty four hours, the brutalities that happen everywhere! Have we become saner or wiser by watching the media? Once, Cinema and theatres were considered places of entertainment for watching comedy movies like “Charlie Chaplin” and Laurel Hardy” pictures, the funniest way to pass our time. Later on movies start reflecting the dilemmas faced by man and woman all around! It all started from the beginning of twentieth century. Yes, violence against the innocent women and children has started even prior to that. It is more than 120 years, mankind is facing the worst time. The beasts in man came out vociferously to devour the human qualities. The age of demonic mankind has started from the far end of nineteenth century onwards. The slide was not gradual but quickened by lust, anger, hatred, violence and killing spree!

Even after the arrival of many prophets and sages among man, there was no improvement in the behavior of mankind. The beginning of twentieth century saw the culmination of hatred into world wars. Everyone is aware of the mass killings by atomic weapons. It was Hitler, who started the modern warfare by deploying fighter planes and bombs! He started wiping out people in millions by his torturous ways, gas chambers, concentration camps etc. Finally, he ended his life by shooting himself. The atrocities on mankind recoiled upon him. Every action produces equal and opposite reactions. May I point out that it is a persecution of Divine Jesus in the Cross has triggered such calamities on mankind through those dictators? It is my personal opinion and i have nothing against the Nazis or Jews. Only a casual glance on world history made me to conclude like this. It is not one tribe against another. Ancient history consists of many such confrontations between human beings on one pretext or other! If at all we have to blame any, it is only the absence of human virtues as a whole which resulted in the catastrophe and subsequent world wars and bombing on cities!

Nothing can be achieved by violence!

Humanity has not learned lessons in spite of terrible world wars!

Has humanity become wiser after all such negative events? NO! The world leaders are still pursuing the same kind of hatred and enmity against each other! There seems to be no end to human sufferings everywhere. Utter poverty in certain African countries, the never ending civil wars, the greed of the leaders to retain their position in spite of mass killings, the Arab rise phenomenon, all point out to one sad conclusion. The creator of this beautiful universe will never keep quiet anymore. He has tolerated seventy times seven, the atrocities of mankind. No more waiting, no more pardons. There is going to be a huge cleanup of earth of evil minded ogres who present themselves as human beings! The devil needs to be subdued and sent to nether world.

Coming of the Mahdi

Sages and Lightworkers are on the job for planting positive energies everywhere!

We are not aware that rectification and resolution of the worst world conditions have started long back under the aegis of “Light workers and famous sages who are working incognito, planting holy energy in different parts of the world and in other planets also. These holy vibrational forces will destroy and defeat the evil forces in many ways. At times, it may seem that the evil forces are on the rise. But the sages will see that the brutal forces of evil are annihilated soon. It is not within human competence to destroy the evil forces on earth. Pure white Divine Energy will envelop the earth and cosmos and in the melee, the evil will be buried deep under earth and sealed! It cannot raise its head for another one thousand years. As we see evil dancing everywhere, it is only the end game!

As Jesus ascended, the Father in Heaven will send pure divine forces on earth descending. There will be wars between the evil and good as it happened during the period of Ramayana and Mahabharata! God will himself super see the subsequent events. He will be seen in several places around the globe, guiding and correcting the people. With God in attendance, the task may take around three years to hasten the Golden Age on earth! These are all not my imaginations. These facts are written in several scriptures more than 5000 years ago verbatim. But, interpretation of those verses seems a little difficult as in the case of Nostradamus famous “centuries”. There also, it is clearly revealed that a man from a peninsula will guide all the good people and he will be venerated by all religions in the world. He will be in command and subdue all the evil forces and remove them once for all. So far, the prophesies regarding immorality prevailing in the world has been proved. All bad and evil deeds of mankind is explained in detail. The prevalence of greed and selfishness in leaders as well as the ruled is elaborated in detail. The atrocities against women and children, the killing of innocent women by ripping open their stomach and several such things are written in ancient Hindu scriptures, Islamic scriptures and Christian revelations. How the morals are given the go by in this Dark Age, the relationships in family, the disharmony among family members, especially husband and wife is clearly pointed out there! We are all going to witness a beautiful harmonious and peaceful universe in the few years to come!

The Lord will come riding on a white horse!


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