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The human life is a great opportunity to realize the Divine within!

Updated on December 26, 2015

Use the body as instrument to reach god!

The human body should be used to reach the ultimate!

It is the nature of worldly persons to get agitations every now and then, since the mind hankers after rewards and joy. When a particular task fails, he becomes sullen and blames everyone for his condition. He blames even god for his sad condition. He never tries to analyze why the task went wrong? Our entire life is filled with ambitions and desires which force us to undertake tasks.

Man craves for pleasure and comfort always. Why man seeks pleasure? The main reason is that he has evolved from inferior species like animals, birds and insects. The animals and birds have no higher ambitions since they have no mind of their own. Only human species are blessed with discrimination and determination. He is possessed with thinking capacity as well as choice making faculty. The creator has not made man completely bound. He has allowed partial freedom by which one can work out for his own salvation. Animals have few needs like hunger, thirst, sleep and mate to propagate their species. Though evolved from animals, man has not shed the animal qualities. He too spends his precious time in eating, drinking and merry making. This clearly shows that he is wasting a golden opportunity to evolve further from human to divine!

Here I am reminded of a story. One man has got a golden cup as heredity from his forefathers. He was using the cup to drink water! This clearly shows that he has no idea about the value of the vessel. It is precious. It needs to be preserved in iron chest. Likewise a golden opportunity is granted to man to utilize this body to realize the divinity which is within. But out of ignorance, man choses to enjoy the carnal pleasures through the body. The legitimate use of human form is to use the intellect and discrimination and to find out our oneness with the inner Self, which is nothing but the universal self! There is one more example; a shepherd while herding his goats accidently came across a shining piece of stone on the way. Without realizing its value, he ties the shining stone on the neck of a baby goat. One day, while going to the forest, a merchant happened to see the shining piece around the neck of a baby goat. He was astonished and called the shepherd and told him that he will give Ra.100/- for the stone. The shepherd grew suspicious and started pocketing it to preserve in his hut. He went to a jeweler nearby and has shown the shining stone to ascertain the real value. The jeweler told him that the precious stone is worth more than 5000 rupees and asked him to give it to him. Now the shepherd found that the stone is more value than assessed by the jeweler. He never parted with it and preserved in some secret place in the house.

Until we realize the real value of human life, we fritter it in trivial things. Once we learn the importance of human body through the saints and sages, we will use it for the real purpose, viz realization of the Divine within. For attaining the ultimate aim of human birth, mental maturity aided by the intellect is a must. We must use our thinking facility to know, ‘why this body is granted to us? How long it will last? What is the real purpose of human life etc.? If one is not able to find out the orders himself, he can go through the scriptures of the past and find out. Nowadays, the internet has become a great tool in searching spiritual wisdom. Anything, you like to learn on spiritual truths is available with a mouse click. Hence one need not wander to the far corners of the world to gather the pearls of wisdom. One will find mountain loads of information in spiritual matters in the net. It is enough if one truth which you feel comfortable is followed in practice. It will automatically leads to higher learning in spirituality. God is ever considerate to grant the genuine wishes of a devotee. Especially, if one seeks spiritual wisdom, god will let you know it, if you are a serious student of spirituality!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 23 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      God is the prompter. I just type it as prompted. Hence all glory is for God. If there are errors in typing it is solely my mistake.I admire your love and magnanimity.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 23 months ago from london

      Another golden gem on this Boxing Day here in London, UK. You weave the stories in between quite nicely also. Well done, my friend.