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The imponderable creation and the present mindset of people!

Updated on August 27, 2016

Expanding universe from a center

Everything emanated from one center!

There is a universal center from which everything emerges and in which all things merge! That ‘unknown’ point is termed differently by many! Some call it creator, yet some call it as “Father”. Some term it as god or Almighty. The sages of ancient Bharath termed it as “Brahman”. It is not “Brahma”, the god in charge for creation. In fact, Brahma emanated only from the universal center. This is a common factor for the entire creation and in each language, the center is termed differently. For instance, water is termed differently in each language. But the substance water is one only. Similarly, god or almighty is one and the same in whichever tongue we call it. It is the power infinite! Any amount of power could be drawn from the universal source of energy! It is inexhaustible! This is termed as “Poornam” in Sanskrit language! We cannot subject the infinite power to universal laws of physics or material. The created universe is bound by physical laws but not the source! There is sky or ether or space in whichever way you call it. It is infinite. None has succeeded in measuring the space! For convenience, we term the distances in space as “light years” which pertains to astronomy!

How the created universe is sustained and finally annihilated? Like the governments on earth, each aspect of creation is governed and controlled by a particular deity. There are many such deities like the various departments of the government! For instance, there is god of earth, god of air, god of water, god of fire and a presiding deity for sky or Akash! The sun and moon are considered to be the eyes of the creator! The world of creation exists because of the Sun! If there is no sun, the universe will become extinct! Scientists of all disciplines believe this. The Sun is considered as supreme god so far as the creation is concerned!

Back to animal levels

The mysterious creation and descent of man!

The creation is the greatest mystery, no scientist can solve with the most advanced computer system on the earth. In fact, all researches are the grace of the supreme one who willed the cosmos and creation! It is clear that not a single atom could be produced on earth! The scientists are breaking their head to find out the god particle in the Hadron Collider! We are unable to manage a single family, single business concern. But, look at the magnitude of the task, the creator had undertaken out of his sweet will. He manages everything in every aeon and merges the creation back in him during the time of annihilation. Thus creation, sustenance and destruction are the vital aspects of existence! With our limited knowledge and intelligence, we boast that we are superior to other species on earth! But the fact is all the species except human beings follow a fixed pattern of life, never deviating from the instinct driven life. Hence they retain their fundamental qualities for survival. A fish that existed billions of years ago had the same instincts as the present day fishes.

Compare the above with the life of mankind! Though evolutionally, the present day man is far more superior to the Stone Age man, yet in qualities that distinguish him with other species are forgotten and man is descending to bestial level in many of his habits around the globe! He has become the most greedy and selfish animal on the earth! Even the lion, after catching a prey will eat only as per its hunger and leave the carcass there itself without storing it. Today, most of the affluent people garner wealth that will last for many generations. His needs are very little! But he wastes his energy and resources in accumulating more and more without caring how his actions give sufferings to many fellow beings!

Devastating disasters!

God is not tyrannic!

The main reason for the descent in human conscious is that man has completely forgotten human values and virtues. They are Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Selfless love and non-violence. Most of the human beings on earth today possess ‘selfishness and greed’ to the maximum extent. A single individual’s greed is enough to devour the entire earth! Yes, by pressing a single button could destroy this beautiful earth and environment many times! Have we not witnessed the stupidity of using atom bombs in world war? Two beautiful cities were reduced to ashes by the folly and greed of man! Even a worst dictator would think twice before venturing into such destructions of humanity! Hatred and violence has taken the toll of human virtues and kindness. Many Prophets and Incarnations of god descended on earth in human vesture to restore humanity from utter destructions. Their teachings and life changed the behavior of man for one or two centuries. Again man descends to kill his own brethren in cold blood! Ask your conscious whether it is comfortable to watch the media today?

It is nauseating behavior of cruel animals in the form of human beings! How long nature will tolerate such atrocities? Hence, nature too retaliates with devastating earthquakes very often in various parts of the globe! And again, the torrential downpour which brings the entire hillock over human dwellings killings people in hundreds during their sleep! They are not even aware whether it is a dream or real. Those who underwent the sufferings of bereavements cry hoarse. “Why me? When we ponder deeply, it is the result of accumulated evils of many generations of beings which hit one day! God is love, kind and Justice! He never inflicts pain upon humanity. It is the course correction. Today, many governments impose death punishments to many hard core criminals and they are executed on a set date! We don’t blame the government! There are laws governing the people of the nation. Many people are honored and conferred titles for their adherence to the statute. Many are conferred gold medals for bravery, proficient in various fields of research and also for winning prestigious sports events like Olympics! Then there are few who are convicted of serious crimes! Like that, there is a balance in justice system!

God is mercy, love and justice. Do not doubt god. He has no intentions or ill feelings towards any! After a grueling summer, there comes rainy season! Everything is for good and for correcting the behavior of erring humanity! Today, natural disasters are on the increase because of the steep increase in evil thoughts and deeds around the globe!

God is Love


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