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The importance of Present Moment in our lives!

Updated on November 24, 2012

Be happy in the Present!

The value of "Now"

Many of our readers may be familiar with the “Power of Now”. Many books and articles have appeared in many journals of repute. The Truth is that the Present moment is the only Reality in life and all else are illusion. Every one is very much present but they are not aware of the sanctity of the “Present moment” which is called “Now”. Every one of us is aware of the fact that the ‘past and future’ derive their existence only from the Present. All things happened only in the Present. Whatever we are thinking or planning also happens only in the Present. We can not think on the past nor can we think on the future since thinking happens in the present only. Sathya Saibaba once told a gathering, that “the Present is Omnipresent”. Why? Every one thinks and acts simultaneously all over the world in the Present moment only. When every present moment passes, we get a new present and it is similar to one and all. In fact, Time is the only thing which is distributed equally to all without any distinction. All beings share the time and the Present moment is also common to all!

None can claim exclusive right over the Present moment since it is common to everyone and everything however insignificant they may be. Now, a question arises ‘why we give so much importance to the fleeting moment called “Present”. Let us examine this aspect in detail. All the sufferings and grief, man undergoes today is due to his illusory guilty feelings of the past and worries of the future. If you examine the mind and thoughts, 99% of the thoughts pertain either to the past or future plans. While thinking of future, we always suffer from ‘fear complex’ about the likely failures of our plans. If only we learn the art of living in the Present, we would have eliminated 90% of our illusory fears. The great writer, Dale Carnegie once said in his book “All our fears do not fructify or come true. Much of our fear is due to our lack of Self confidence. Here, I have to warn the readers that real “Self Confidence” is rooted on the inner Self and not on the outer strength or stamina of the body or mind. The bodies take birth, grow, decay and die! How can we build our confidence based on frail instrument like the body and unsteady mind? We should rely upon the inner Self and always remain in the Present and attend our tasks. We have to live moment to moment like a water tight compartment. If we follow this, we will remain peaceful and happy for ever.


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