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The incongruities of life!

Updated on May 29, 2016

Life is like that..

Pleasure and pain depends upon our outlook!

People say, ‘this is a kaleidoscope world. Yes, varieties inhabit the world. Wherever you look at, there are varieties of things, be it birds, animals, flora and fauna. Hence life is not meant to be ‘monotonous’. To keep life interesting, the creator has ensured everything for the comforts of man and other species. Yes, each life enjoys the world in different manners, but they cannot express the same. The human beings are special in this aspect, for they can share their thoughts with other beings. They can sing, dance and express life in many ways. This is what the creator expects from us. We should realize that life is not pain and grief if we choose to think in that way. Everything depends on our thoughts only. It is the mind which stamps each event and environment as good, bad and tolerable. As it is, the life can be made a continuous song of joy, if only we think in this fashion.

Our mental attitudes matter. This is the optimistic and pessimistic way of perception. There are people who always lament, whatever may be their condition. Yes, even amid the most comforting situations, they search only for some negatives to wail upon. Even if they are perfectly healthy, they will feel that something is really wrong with their constitution. Their thoughts are like this, “if there is no physical indications of discomfort, then there must be something brewing seriously unnoticed! This kind of paranoid behavior, they always relish. In fact, they are never comfortable without some kind of problems assailing them. Also, there are some intelligent and wise people who take all situations as positive. The mixture gives interest to life and living.

A silent thanksgiving..

Life is full of duality which we need to accept.

If we look at the entire creation, there are hills and valleys, rivers and oceans, desert sands and waterfalls. These varieties in creation really astound us. None enjoys life continuously nor anyone suffer throughout the life. There are periods of elation as well as depression! Watch the ocean surface which is never even. There are waves rising menacingly and also short waves. Some waves reach the shore, yet some causes terrible damage to the land surface. The tsunami like waves enter the human habitat with such a fury, there are widespread damages of life and homes. We might have seen videos during the deadly tsunami that affected more than five countries with millions of homes swept away in the floods caused by the tsunami. This terrible devastating tsunami waves dealt a deathly blow to many around the coasts like India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and other countries. After such deadly tragedies, now everything is quiet OK. Time has healed the wound and sorrowful memories of many families. Hence nothing really remains permanent in this world. Only the wise are aware of the fluctuations in life and hence they never bother that much.

To choose wisely...

Life teaches us many wise lessons!

The worldly minded ordinary folks always consider the external world as a permanent one and they feel that wealth and properties indicate pleasures. When they start losing their hard earned money and properties during unfavorable time like natural calamities, they realize the evanescent nature of human life and temporary acquisitions. This is the commencement of wisdom. Yes, hard realities of life inculcate great lessons in human mind. If everything is favorable, we never learn anything worthy! Hence the ups and downs in life are meant for illumining the mind of ordinary people. Slowly they learn that life is ephemeral and the pleasures are fleeting. They turn to some wise people, they start reading great scriptures and listen to the advice of wise one. Hence the human life is not a meaningless experience of eating, drinking, mating and dying. It has valuable lessons to convey to the ignorant lot. Often, we come across great minds like Jesus, Buddha and Saibaba. Both the East and West are equally benefited by the contributions of such prophets and incarnations.

We should have immense faith in the scriptures as well as in the teachings of saints and sages. Then only we can achieve the purpose of human life!


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