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The insatiable cravings of human mind!

Updated on July 22, 2016

The cause of sufferings

Cravings are difficult to control

Craving of any sort is bad for mankind. His cravings brought him so much of grief, pain and depression. All the evil qualities arise out of craving for things, which will do no good ultimately. Craving is a sort of addiction to the mind. The burgeoning of e-commerce sites is one clear example. They are aware of human weakness and with choice of advertisements in colorful and attractive ways make even a miser to go in for some item. Also, the craze for shopping is in the psyche of all, from children to grandfathers. I fell into the trap many times, though I am 72. Then what to talk about the youngsters who earn sumptuously? Since I am a pensioner and my wife controls me during such errands, I can go for the needy gadget once in two or three years or when the gadget I hold become outdated!

It is no wonder that every day, newer variety is exhibited in many web sites. Even, if you are a recluse, surfing lead you into the e commerce portals very soon! Before going for smartphones, I had two feature phones with touch pad. Within two or three years, due to wear and tear, I could not operate the touch screen comfortably and I had to press the icons several times before something happens. One day unfortunately, my feature phone fell down dislodging the battery etc. That was the reason, why I started pestering for a new smart phone! Unable to tolerate my constant complaints, my wife reluctantly gave a nod for a new one! I started browsing e commerce portals with utmost sincerity for a good budget piece. But I ended up selecting a 5000+ category. It was working well. But something was gnawing within to go for the latest one in market, yet cheaper in price! Finally, without my wife’s consent, I got one more smartphone! In between I got one tablet since browsing the tablet, lying on the bed seems comfortable for me! This is how; everyone is hooked into the traps laid out by e commerce portals!

Cravings quote..

How cravings possess the mind?

What started as innocent desire, ended up creating more holes in the pocket? In retrospect, I am reviewing my choices and I could not reconcile myself about the selection. This is the general trend of the society. Few months ago, I read a news item in which a Chinese mother sold her baby for purchasing one I phone! Is it not mad craze? No wonder, offline shops make lot of complaints about online portals. Yes, without leaving the comforts of the home, in a few minutes, you can order anything from a needle to aero plane online. If you are lucky, your orders will be delivered intact.

Which is that craves, and for whom? It is the mind which craves for things for the sake of oneself! If you examine deeply, the body is incapable of enjoying! Yes, it is the mind, which ultimately enjoys through the body. Similarly the senses enjoy the person and not otherwise. Hence, one becomes weak after indulging in varieties of pleasures, the senses offer! Craving is hidden in the mind. Craving instigates the mind and goads the body into submission! Otherwise, the body is a mere instrument, an inert one. The body has no conscious embedded in it. It is the life force and mind enables the body to act and submit to the enslaved mind! Bereft of the mind, the body is useless log. Bereft of the body, the mind cannot survive. The mind always dwells upon an accompanying body! This is the intricate relationship of mind and body! There is an intimate connection between the breath and the mind. Hence the sages are able to control the breath and thus the thoughts. The first thought is the “I” thought and it arises from the same place from where the breath arises. Hence, during death, the last breath snatches the mind with it. In fact, the mind is the sum total of all the impressions gathered through the body during the current as well as previous births!

Renounce cravings

The DNA contains all secrets.

Hence, the scientists assert that our DNA contains the entire history of our lives both the present and past one! The DNA of each individual is distinct in some aspects but heredity could be traced through examining the DNA of parents and their progeny! That is why children resemble their parents in many aspects including the color of the skin, hair color, and the iris and even in some behavior pattern. If someone is able to decode the DNA pattern, we can trace the history of creation even! The seed of each species contains the secret about its evolution. When we plant a mango seed, only a mango sprout and sapling will issue forth. The tiny seed of a banyan tree contain the entire blue print of the banyan tree. Astonishingly, each banyan seed produce a banyan sapling though similar in certain aspects, yet different from others in other aspects. Thus all human beings are not similar though there will be certain common characteristics.

Ultimately, it is the thought which turn into desire and craving, resolution to possess certain things considered dear! It may be persons of opposite sex, wealth, properties and varieties of gadgets that are advertised and sold in many portals and off line shops! If one is able to curb the cravings of the mind, he can live in peace and harmony!

DNA, the ultimate secret


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