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The intricate Mind!

Updated on February 16, 2013

Mind mystery!

What constitute the Mind stuff?

Mind is like the sky. There is no boundary to the mind. In a split moment it will think about America and the next moment, it will think about your home here. The speed of the mind is termed as that of the wind. The main point regarding the mind is it needs a medium to associate with. The human body depends upon the mind and the mind is dependent upon a host body.

Secondly, what constitute the mind? The mind is nothing but a conglomeration of thoughts. Bereft of thoughts, there won’t be any mind to consider. Here is a piece of cloth. It is woven by threads crossing each other. Remove those threads one by one from both the directions. What remains in the end is ‘nothing’. Likewise, remove the thoughts one by one and there won’t be any mind to call. Now readers may doubt, ‘how it is possible to remove the thoughts from the mind? We all know thoughts are involuntary to certain extent. Thoughts arise at random without any rhyme or reason!

Saibaba has told the reasons for arising of thoughts in every individual. It is Food and environment. Many of our readers are not aware that food causes the thoughts! Major portion of food is absorbed in the system and they are converted into cells which make the body function. A minute part of the food becomes thought waves. Mahatma Gandhi has experimented with the quality of food and mind control. He saw that the mind is easily controlled with simple diets like peanuts, goat’s milk, cereals and fruits in moderate quantities. Observe those who consume fried and hot foods available in road side restaurants. They are crisp and the flavor and color attracts us. We eat them thinking they are good. No, it is most harmful both for the body and the mind. The mind becomes passionate and it is disturbed by anger without our knowledge. We suddenly flare up against somebody without any valid reason. This is due to the fast food culture!

Second is ‘environment’ which has a bearing on our thought patterns. Visit the ashrams or temples where the vibrations are spiritual. You cannot but think about God and his Omnipresence. Go to the places where there is free mingling of persons, with provocating music and dance. You will try to flirt around due to the thought waves prevailing in those places. If you are present when two people are at loggerheads, your mind easily gets disturbed due to the angry vibrations prevailing there. Hence if you want to remain at peace, eat only such foods which are conducive to peaceful living like green vegetables, grains, nuts, a little milk, butter milk, fruits etc. Remain in the company of good people who are selfless in nature and you can observe the sublime change in yourself.

Thirdly mind is useful only for living in the external world. Mind is dispensed with when we undertake meditation. Yes, you have to move beyond the body and mind in order to meditate truly. Mind should become absolutely silent to progress in meditation practices.


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