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The irrevocable law of cause and effect in the life of human!

Updated on February 10, 2014

Why are we here and how are we here?

From a tiny seed, a huge tree grows in course of time. Is it not a miracle? Also different seeds produce different varieties of tree from the same earth. Is it not wonderful? Who has planned or programed all these? Some people may say it is nature. They wish to convey that everything is natural and no power or force needs to be behind this entire phenomenal world. Even rational people agree the ‘cause and effect theory”. Since the beginning of creation, ‘cause and effect theory was there’ but it is Newton, the great mathematician who proved it to the world after researching on the subject.

We often hear about the “Big bang theory” from the evolution scientists. Ask them a simple question, “how the big bang happened? They will be clueless and assert that it is nature! Whatever cannot be explained or proved is labelled as ‘nature or natural’ by the scientific community. Many times I have given an example of ‘furniture in the show rooms’. Can we assert, it is there on its own, since none is seen in the showroom assembling them? Even a simple rustic will tell that the carpenter has made this furniture out of wood. When the existence of furniture presupposes the work of a carpenter, how we can simply assert that everything we see is natural?

You may be a rationalist or atheist but you cannot deny the existence of the world around you! If a rationalist demands proof for everything, how he believes that somebody as mother and someone as father? Anybody, be a believer or atheist accepts the words of his mother who points the father to the child! Who can give proof for all these relationships? Take the subtle and esoteric qualities of Love, Truth, and Faith etc.! Can anyone show these qualities? NO. Certain things have to be believed or inferred. We believe in the existence of air by the swaying of trees and leaves, by the feelings on our skin. The sky is not a visible entity. It is mere space. We see the clouds above and think that it is the sky! In fact, the sky is nothing but ether and an empty space with no boundaries whatsoever!

As we infer the presence of air due to the swaying of trees and leaves, the differences in creation, the dualities of life are to be inferred due to some unseen cause. The cause may not be visible to us and it may span too many previous births. Yes, the beliefs in rebirth stems from the various anomalies in creation and the existence of good and bad etc. We have legal system and Police to implement the law and order in society. But who can watch the invisible thoughts that arise in each individual? But there is a silent witness in the ‘self’ of the individual. Whenever we embark on some bad acts, there is a subtle warning that comes from inside each self. Most of the time, we ignore the warning and proceed with those nefarious tasks. Now let us compare it with the crimes prevalent in society. There are many well defined crimes in the criminal jurisprudence and according to the nature of crime; the judges pass orders of punishment. But who will punish us for all the bad acts we indulge in secrecy and for all the bad thoughts we promote and implement?

Like the legal and police departments, there is an inbuilt system which ensure justice. For instance, a murder takes place and the police arrest the culprit and the criminal is charged with murder. He is not immediately punished. The case comes before the Judge and the criminal is allowed the privilege of a lawyer to defend his side. The case may take even a year to come to conclusion and pronouncement of judgment. He may either get conviction or even may be acquitted! Likewise, for all the bad acts we have committed in secrecy, the retribution may take place after quite some time, if not in this birth, it may be carried over to the next birth even! If I owe somebody some 1000 dollars, and if I die meanwhile, the debt will not be written off in the accounts of God! It will be carried over to the next birth and the man who has advanced the loan may become one of our relative or close friend and at an appropriate time and circumstance, the due will be settled without fail. This is the god’s way of justice. First of all, nobody knows his dues to someone; secondly he was made to part with the money willingly as an obligation. By this way, we are rid of our debt. A man begets children few years after marriage. He may think that it is natural. But the fact is that the parents were indebted to their children in their previous birth. To settle the dues, they are born as children. Likewise, the children who are indebted to their parents in their previous birth settle the dues by taking care of them and spending on them.

Thus “Cause and Effect” are the main reasons for birth and death! When all our previous debts are cleared by someway or other, we become free and with the contemplation on god or the self, we will be released from the miserable earthly life! This is the basic philosophy contained in Hindu scriptures!

The invisible prompts!


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