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The journey of man from body to the Self!

Updated on November 10, 2012

Krishna teaches Geeta to Arjuna!

From 'i' to "I"

Time is a conception of the mind. Actually time does not exist if there is none to measure it. Only the observer lends legitimacy to the concept of time, space and causation. For instance, before creation commenced, there was no time, space or causation. Only after creation, these concepts have evolved. Let us take the example of a man who is in ‘coma’ for several years. One fine morning, he regains his consciousness. He will be at a loss to know about the passage of time. Only others can tell him that he was in coma for so many years. What happens in this case is that the man is not having any awareness of himself or the situation around. The main reason is that his mind is absent during the period of memory loss due to coma.

Hence it is the mind which is the vital link between the man and the outside world. The senses convey their inputs to the brain through the nerve system. Brain perceives the inputs but it is the mind which actually feels the impressions. If the mind is delinked from this, no impression can be gathered by the individual. The body is an inert instrument. The mind is the offspring of the consciousness and hence its power is actually traceable to the consciousness. The consciousness is pure and independent of the functions of the body or mind. It is not swayed by the emotions and feelings. It is simply a witness! It is otherwise called the Self or the Atma!

Between the creator and creation, there is an illusory power called “Maya” which hides the vision of individual from realizing the Self within. Instead, the illusory power Maya hides the Self and projects the Universe in its place. Mind is the main instrument for Maya and the mind is attracted to the body. Many veils hide the Self from the individual. They are worldly attractions in the form of desires. The desires are manifold. It may be for wealth and properties, comforts or luxuries, progeny, fame and power. The individual feel that he is the body mind complex and identify himself with the body. He is observing the world through the sense organs and mind. He seeks pleasures from the senses. He is tied to the body consciousness inexorably. Hence he falls into the cycle of coming and going (birth and death). He takes birth again and again in this mundane world and after much number of births, he realizes that the pleasures of the world are fleeting and the senses are misguiding him. He turns his attention to some wise man that comes in the form of preceptor.

The preceptor clarifies and illumines the consciousness of the man and educates him on the illusory nature of the world and the attractions. He makes the man realize his ultimate goal which is the Self within everyone and the all-pervading self which sustains the world. He makes him to lose his ego and body consciousness by sacrificing the evil in him. Slowly, the man ascends higher in his consciousness and one day he realize that he is part of the Self and have no connection with the perishable body and wavering mind. He discards them as unreal and sees the Truth of the Self! This process may take many births and finally he evolves to become a perfect One!


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