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The journey to God!

Updated on August 28, 2014

The Eternal journey!

The tedious path towards Divinity!

Our life on earth is not an isolated incidence or accident. Everyone’s life on earth is well defined and intended for further evolution from animal qualities to human qualities and from human qualities to Divine qualities. It may take many incarnations on earth, yet one day; man will surely ascend to the Divine status. It is like the journey of a river towards the ocean. Everyone will ultimately become Divine, albeit in their own pace and time. Secondly, spirituality is not a competition where someone wins and others lose. The journey may take from eternity to eternity, yet we have to tread the path without fail. There is no shortcut to Divinity. The road is necessarily long and tedious since the final goal is the consummation that will deliver each one from the never ending cycle of births and deaths. We may imagine spiritual goal as a summit top. People have to start their journey from any point at the periphery at the bottom. No two path need to be similar. If one is capable of ascending the steep slope, though there are greater risks, the journey may become quicker. But the ordinary people always travel along the periphery ascending in small incremental steps. But here the journey is safe though it may take quite a long time. We might have seen that the mountaineering institutes teach the climbers various ways and means to reach the top. Also there are many hurdles like avalanches, high winds, bone chilling climate, lack of oxygen etc. But the climbers brave the rough weather and try to mount to the top in few days. They establish camps at night to safeguard them from the rough weather and also to rest and recoup their strength. They need food, warm clothing, oxygen masks, goggles etc. When climbing steep mountains involve so much of preparations, how much cautions man has to observe to reach Divine heights. The mind will be helpful only during the first phase of the climb. For the rest of the journey, the mind will really be a burden to be relinquished sooner than later.

Comparisons must cease if you want to proceed on your own assisted by intuition and grace of the Divine. Comparison will be the greatest hurdle in spirituality. Each one needs a separate way to proceed which is suited to his mentality and perseverance. Since someone is adopting some way, one should not blindly follow it. We have seen that the Doctors never prescribe the same medicine to all the patients. Each one’s treatment will be unique. Likewise, every spiritual aspirant need a special process that is suited to his mentality and temperament. Some may be adept in meditations, yet some other specializes in Yoga. Some perform ritualistic worship. Some people take up social service as a path towards spirituality. Once Sathya Saibaba has said, that “the hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray”. By entering into the arena of service, one’s ego can be erased quickly. Before plunging into service, one must realize that he is not serving others but he is serving his own self. When somebody is in grief or pain, our heart too melts at the suffering. Why? This is the invisible connection of self that is pervading the entire creation. We can compare the Self as the invisible thread that connects all the flowers. Once the garland is made, we may not be able to see the thread that connects all the flowers. Also God will be the invisible guide who accompanies every spiritual aspirant in the path towards Divinity.

We must have absolute faith in Divinity while proceeding on the spiritual path. He guides us invisibly holding our hand. Hence entrust all your cares and worries to him. He will solve it for you. This is also termed as surrender to the Divine Will. In fact, Arjuna received the instructions from Krishna, only after he fully surrendered his will and judgment to Krishna. He said, Lord! Guide me and I will obey your words. Thus the great Mahabarath war was fought in the battle field of Kurukshethra. Since God in the form of Krishna was on the side of Arjuna, the Pandava brothers earned victory in the war destroying the entire Kaurava brothers who were wicked to the core. But Arjuna and his brothers followed righteousness and truth in their dealings. Though they suffered many calamities at the hand of Kaurava brothers, Krishna protected them each time from annihilation. Krishna saw their wicked plan and saved the Pandavas by protecting them and safeguarding them as the apple of the eye. Krishna loved the people who were virtuous in their dealings. He protected them since they have surrendered their everything at his feet. Even after winning the war, they ruled the land in a righteous way and at an appropriate time, they coroneted their grandson “Parikshit” and left the country to ascend to the Divine. They were not after earthly gain and pleasures. They realized the futility of enjoying the Kingdom for a long time. When Krishna left them and reached His Divine abode, the brothers were forlorn. They were unable to bear the tragedy of separation from Krishna and hence they took the severe penance of “Vanaprastha” wherein everyone has to tread by foot the northern direction until they fall down without concerning who are following them. They will abandon food and water. This is a severe renunciation. Only the eldest of Pandava was alive until he reached the heaven. All his brothers left their bodies at various times at different places. The eldest Dharmaraja survived due to his strict adherence to Dharma or righteous conduct and Truth! Hence one has to abandon the body consciousness and selfishness to reach God!


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