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The journey to inner Self, step by steps!

Updated on July 6, 2016

Illusions...Life is a dream..

Bereft of senses, there is no creation!

Excitement during success and crestfallen during defeat is the natural tendency of human mind without any exception. But the Bagawat Gita talks about a special category of people, whose resolve to remain unaffected due to the vagaries of time. They maintain ‘equal mindedness’ at all times, both good and bad! Jumping at each occasions of joy, may land the person in grief very soon. Yes, he won’t be able to maintain equanimity when misfortune hunts him. What makes a person to remain ‘indifferent’ to the ups and downs of life? It is his awareness of the illusory world and various events. Yes, the good times are also illusions like the bad times. On a pure white screen of the cinema hall, many kinds of pictures may fall. Devastating wars, huge destructions due to natural calamities, fire and flood! One is not aware of the base, while the various scenes of cinema are seen on that. During interval time, the projectors are shut off and we see only the white screen in front of us. Obviously, the screen is unaffected by the various scenes projected on it. The people, who resolve to remain indifferent, are like the pure white screen!

Here, doubts may come, ‘how one can remain unaffected by various events that happen? First of all do not believe in the show called the illusory sensory show of the world. It is the eye, the ear, the nose, the tongue and the skin which asserts the reality of the world to us. Bereft of the sensory perceptions, there is nothing called creation? Hence the creation is synonymous with the sensory mind!

We are fooled by vision

The mind creates dream state!

The world of creation is the imagination of the mind! The mind itself is an illusory power within the Atma! Though the Atma or Self remain as it is without undergoing any sort of modification, the illusory mind comes out of the Atma as the cosmic ego. Then, creation starts automatically. This is how the scriptures explain the apparent creation which is neither real nor ‘unreal’. Why it is termed as above. Atma is everywhere at all times. Because of the Atma, the mind is engaged in creating illusions. Hence, it is a combination of both the real (Atma) and illusion (mind)

Let us take for example, the human life itself. In the day time, we live with awareness and perform many tasks. In the night, while sleeping, we forget ourselves and the mind creates its own dream world. In the dream, we experience many things similar to day time. As long as we are dreaming, everything in the dream looks so real. But, when we wake up, we realize the experience as a dream. In our life, there is an inner self, who is a mere witness of all that happens during waking, dreaming and deep sleep state, but it is not involved in any of this. In all the states, the Atma remains as a pure witness!

The beauty of these varying experiences is, during the waking state, there is no dream state. During the dream state, there is no waking state. The dream state negates the waking state and likewise the waking state negates the dream state. Hence, our experiences are never real. It is a mixture of reality and illusion! These illusions are created by the sensory perceptions during waking state and by the mind during the dream state. The senses are absent during dream and the mind mysteriously creates a dream world with dream senses. What happens during sleep? The body lies like a log of wood on the cot without being aware of anything! Then how the individual is aware of the dream? It is the mischievous manifestation of mind like the empty hat of a magician. The magician taken out many things out of an empty hat! Hence it is known as a conjuring trick!

Saibaba states..

Who experiences all these?

Who is that which experiences all this? It is the false sense of [‘my and mine”. These are the offshoot of ego or body consciousness. This body consciousness is more during waking state but it is subtle during the dream state. In deep sleep, there is no mind and hence, the individual self-experiences supreme bliss akin to Atma! This is the fundamental philosophy of human existence which is neither real nor illusion but a mixture of both! Hence the life on earth is compared to deep delusion from which one has to escape by surrendering to the self within.

The capacity of each individual in this world differs. Hence all cannot attain self-realization following the path of wisdom. For ordinary worldly individuals, work is the first step in the ladder. The second step is ‘worship’ and the third step is Wisdom. This is the proper way to reach the Atma. This is also the safest way to reach God, who is formless and attribute less. For the sake of human understanding, God is imagined as ‘with form and name’. Since god is formless, we can call him by any name and imagine or assume any form we like. Hence there is nothing wrong in calling god in different names. All names are His, all forms are His. Call him Jesus, Allah, Jehovah or any of the names you are familiar with. Chanting of name of god is the first step, Loving and serving the fellow human being is the second step. Everyone is bound to attain god in their own pace and time. It is not a sport competition. There is neither winning nor losing! Time is Eternal and hence we can choose to tread in Godward path slowly! He accompanies everyone invisibly and guide us until the end!


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