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Touching the heart of God through the heart of worship: Guarding our joy

Updated on August 21, 2014

Steal our joy: How an enemy sworn against us wages war.

Fighting through a world of cares can be as grinding on the gears as anything. In a world which cares nothing for us, expects everything from us, takes anything it can from us. The world has its hands on our dreams, our plans, or purposes. It is controlled by a darkness of lies which fears us, walking about like a roaring lion seeking us. Waiting to steal and to kill and to destroy any and everything it can. And this force is after our joy.

And when our focus is diluted, our joy seeped out, our lives eroded, the cares of the world contaminate our faith, steal our deeper blessings. We are asked to war for our prophesies, be thankful, trust, lean on Him. We are asked to be patient. To keep the faith.

But the enemy is after our joy! Attacking our joy is a strategic attack. He knows that we are human, we live among humans, and have human activity. Being human, we are destined to fall as easily as the next person because of our imperfect nature. And a roaring lion roams about seeking whom he may devour.

Though my heart is torn


Why serenading our Lord in joy protects us from the calamities of life.

A miscarriage. Abuse. Failure. Ridicule. Trials. A divorce. Life just happening. A death in the family, A broken relationship. The lost of a job. The death of a dream. The fall of a peer. Lost of a friend. A betrayal. A suicide near you.

An anchor in Christ holds us to our Father, but the weight of the world can drive us into the ground. We fall, we fail, we fracture. And the whole of our lives is spent murmuring, complaining, brittle and broken. As if the left over parts of our brokenness rages against a past.

And so comes the enemy. Into our wound and waits in a resentment, bitter mode until our memory festers with every unclean attitude until it has taken its toll.

A way to keep the joy of the Lord as our strength is to have a daily devotion. It requires a daily walk, with worship in abandonment, praise unleashed, and simply being. It takes the assembly of the brethren, the accountability of others and the fellowship of the saints and God.

Simply being is an investment. It quiets our soul just waiting, still before the Lord, listening. Listening requires an amount of stamina. We know not what He can and will say. God never ceases to amaze a finite being. After all. it was His kindness which brings the lost to their knees.

Joy Of The Lord (Spontaneous) - Jenn Johnson & Bethel Music - You Make Me Brave

The joy of the Lord: Twila Paris

Expressing our love to God

The joy of the Lord can be expressed with art, song, writing... But simply delighting in Him as in Psalm 37:4 we can serenade our Creator with the simple expression of washing the dishes in a mundane season. It can be the whisper of safety to a hitch hiker when passing by in a car in a torrential downpour. We live selfish lives, focused on ourselves amidst a world where nothing is withheld from God's view. Our song ends too shortly, our passage a vapor. Climbing into a Daddy's arms while stricken with depression, or a terminal disease can bring a peace spoken of in psalm 131. Wrapping ourselves in God and allowing Him to sooth our wounds, surrounding ourselves in His forgiveness, love unconditional, while in a pain, or in a famine, and in a patch or season as dry as the cracked earth.

Being thankful, grateful for what seems like crumbs which fall from His table, looking with eyes toward our First Love, whose ways are above our ways, whose thoughts are above ours. While God's Word speaks in Hebrews that it is impossible to please God without faith, even after walking on water, even Peter fell just before reaching Jesus.

Proverbs 1 - Theory Hazit - Streetlights

The power or the Spoken Word

Using scripture as prayers, is a powerful way to learn how to prescribe God's Word to our problems and situations. The original psalms were songs, lyrics, written to glorify God. The Word of God has found itself in rap music, song, poetry, rock and roll, techno, dub step, and other sounds. It filters into our ears from our mouths and enters our hearts.

Hebrews 4:12

12For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart. 13And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do.

Scott Zeilenga: Psalm 100 as spoken Word

Shamika Austin: Count it all joy

Spoken Word: Joy

How spoken word, poetry, song reach Him

Spoken Word in a coffee house setting with an open mike is not just for the secular entertainers. The vibrancy of art, flavor, style, vivid descriptions of the emotions and the pains and the joys and the breath of life's vapor are excited and cherished. Life isn't short... If it has been lived. Poetry can seem as simple as a person before an ocean, small yet significant. Joy can be as small as a grain of sand within us but as strong in molding us as it being in an oyster.

It speaks in yellows, and crimsons and pinks and in swirls and stops and flowing browns every once in awhile. It gives us character as rich as texture from a brush to the burnt corners of a work of art. The mistakes scream out serendipity, the perfections cry love, the torn corners dream. Then we step back, and we look at our work of art, our worship, and then we understand.

Joy is our strength. The joy of the Lord shall be our strength. To stand before a crowd, or a mob of people standing for what you believe and knowing He's smiling while we speak up. To recite a heartfelt prayer in poetry form, or prose. To let the trials come, the waves break, the stars to fall. To see heaven tremble before our eyes, as we cling to a loving Father, in joy...

Worship in painting GK event, Church of the living savior video..

Gathering of Artisans 2013 - Prophetic Art Conference, Christian Artist Retreat

Expression through the arts with background praise and worship

Finding yourself in worship and playing in the worship band are two different experiences. However there is another experience one can do that can partake between both. Worship art allows us to communicate before God without speaking, without our mind wandering.

It can take the form of chalk, pastel, oils, even just a pencil. Just find the right music, ask the Lord, or be still and begin to create with a silent mind. Release your pain, your joy, your confusion all seated emotion, attacking the paper and drawing in the Presence of the Lord, sometimes closing your eyes, sometimes being one with the worship music. It is intelligent to find worship music which is either complete in itself or has several sons which flow into each other. Make sure the phone is off, that you have set time for yourself alone, and find solitude and befriend it.

In God's play of the Bible a cast of actors expressed their story of love to Him

Peter found faith his paintbrush, John expressed his love by caring for Christ' mother. Nehemiah built walls. Enoch walked with God. Solomon wrote a play, and a sermon and proverbs. David wrote poetry, songs, and prayers. Deborah wrote song. John's allegory and symbolism in Revelations is still unparalleled. Moses hit a rock in anger. Able honored God his work. Jonah sang in a whale. Adam named animals. Stephen stood up. Jesus died on a cross for the world.


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