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The loneliness of God.

Updated on December 12, 2014

How the Creator of the universe desires our time...

Moments before you wake, imagine the breath of God enters into your lungs. You are awake. And God's life is in us. We thank Him for the day. After all we are finite! How much more compatible can we be to God! An all powerful, all knowing, ever present God! A God which gives freely wisdom as in the first chapter of James. A Friend which sticks closer to us than a brother. He wants to spend time with us! He is anxious to speak to us, ever waiting stand by alongside us... It is doubtful God wanted to end fellowship after evicting Adam and Eve. Him simply talking to Cain after the murder of his brother shows many points. He desired still to teach Cain, to protect Cain, to help Cain in the knowledge of his ways.


Psalm 27: Waiting on the Lord.

God is walking beside me. I see Him in full. His eyes of love. A pierced Hand on my shoulder. Another raised to Heaven. His feet sift in the sand. I sift mine too. A wound in his side makes Him grimace as my eyes turn to it. I want to know if His forehead still hurts. Those thorns are larger than I thought. All this in three days.

And a flower wilts. I notice it. I see a hummingbird flit past it. And then a worry. Almost gone but it lingers. In fact I notice it lingers. I taste it. Love's hand on my shoulder tightens. Then it slips. A little. I turn to it. I sense a smile.

And I didn't know it could get deeper. The next day I forget what I thought was intimate. This is delight. This is tasting. This is receiving. This is fellowship. For if I fail, something in me knows I am not forsaken. I take for granted forgiveness, like I am granted it as bread, bread which comes from above.

I wonder what Heaven is like if this fellowship is like this. Abundant life finds me. Goodness, mercy, tender mercies.

Hillsong UNITED (Love Is War Acoustic) In LIVE

God lived in a box...

... The ark of the covenant. To touch the ark meant instant death. God lived behind a curtain, in what was called the Holy of Holies. A place where priests wore bells as they entered. The lepers lived beyond the outskirts of the cities, beyond a downwind. Closer in, sinners were looked down by Pharisees. Pharisee's which clung to hundreds of laws, distorted in their eyes concerning even the Sabbath.

And then came the Christ.

Imagine God reaching out to lepers, sinners, tax collectors. Imagine Him leaving His little room at the Holy of Holies to walk out into the outer courts, to hold the hand of a child, to breath life into a paralytic's legs, to sit down with sinners as the room filled with profanity, and rugged alcoholics bowed their heads in conviction.

God wanted this in Eden. But one sin kept Him in a box. And God waited for centuries to come out the box in Christ.

Meeting with God


Walking with God


Love Came Down full video

Being Still and know I am God

Being still and knowing God can be a powerful exercise when done regularly. Often our worries capsize us and during our conversations with God we can dominate our quiet time. God can be waiting for us to be still and listen to His thoughts. Where we can receive the Word of God with meekness which is able to save our souls (James 1:21)

He is intimate with the upright

God waits for our fellowship. His Word says He will draw nigh as we draw nigh first in James 4:8. He is jealous over us, yearning for our touch. Longing for His creation to come to Him with simple conversation. After all, He waited perfectly for us to receive Salvation from Jesus, His Son, how much more do you believe He wants to 'just be' with His own?

He is lonely for us. As a father longs for a prodigal son, He waits. Surely He is greater than a lover who left seasons ago. He longs for us, with answers to our deeper concerns. For He is intimate with the upright. (Proverbs 3:32)

Dear God...

God is lonely for us. Maybe it is found in scripture, yet we were created for Him. He has given us much. Yet it pains Him when we fail to remember Him! He has answers and yet isn't worried about the coming season. He smiles and we feel it when we turn to Him in adversity. He is quiet when we sin and waits for us to return to Him. He pains when we don't return to Him... And time becomes an eternity to Jesus when He with all fullness of God dwelling within Him must bite His tongue for His love falls short.

He is hungry for us to be hungry for Him. He yearns for us to yearn for Him. He desires to be desired. He commands our love. He is God. His need we have.

Hillsong United ~ Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) [Acoustic] [Live At Elevate]


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