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The lord god

Updated on February 27, 2017

My loving Jesus

Friends, i would like to remind you that whatever i
Post here about god is from my point of view.
If it varies from your opinions or disbeliefs,i 
Give you my sincere apologies.
This page is not enough for me to praise him
He is the father of everything,the living,the dead
And those yet to be born.He sacrificed himself for
The sake of us.He carried our burden,he shared our
Distress,he was there with us in times of good and
Bad,he gave us a land to live upon,food to eat,clothes
To cover our body and shelter to stay protected.
In the eyes of the God,everyone is equal

1) he never loves anyone based on their race
Colour or may be poor,rejeceted 
By all and may have failed a plenty of times.
Yet no matter whomever or however you are or
How old you become,you are always his child.
2)flowing is his kindness,like a river.
3)endless is his mercy
4)loving is his heart
Whatever trouble you face in life,all you
Have to do is surrender them to him.
He never gives you up,he never betrays you,
He never talks about you behind your back 
And there is not a single day in which he
Forgot to think of you.he always has a plan 
for you.He does not expect anything in return.
All you have to do is trust him and keep waiting
For there comes a day where your life will
Conquer a drastic change when god will blow
Your mind with a very bright future which you
Never even dreamt of.

I would also like to share somethings
Which i personally think would make
God feel happy about.
1)respect your elders and give
Them equal importance
2)run forward to help and never hesitate
3)never skip your prayers as it is a
Way of communication with our god.
He gave us hands which types all day 
But refuses to raise up atleat an hour
For him
4)spread your love.always wear a smile 
On your face
5)give animals and pets equal importance
6)never try to discriminate anyone.always
Talk something good which would make
Someone's day
7)never laugh at others
8)a good amount of care and importance
Must be given to our mother earth who
Had given us a chance to live upon her

Thus,i conclude this by offering all possible 
Thanks to my one and only might 
Have not even been possible to reach this
Current position without him.
May him keep showering his blessings
Upon us and stay with the poor and needy.
May him always be with you to guide you
Through thick and thin,flower and thorn,
Light and shadow.stay blessed with his love
And mercy.

My dear friends,i would also like to 
Hear and learn more from you.
Also,if i had made any mistakes,
You are free to share them here

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