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The lost sea of humanity.

Updated on March 4, 2016

When our thoughts are beyond our own

And then the end shall come...

These words were spoken right before the words of the gospel finding it's way throughout the entire world. The world. As if an all-knowing God had somehow remembered that an internet system would connect a world together where people from different countries could become neighbors.

And then the end shall come...

Christ was lead to speak this in a time thousands of years before it's manifestation. And now, the signs of the times are crucial yet the lines are blurred, the darkness a full days light. We are nearing that end.

And as the final waves crash against our shores, so does this sea of humanity find us meeting their souls to touch with heaven's breath. The lost having little chance of a home in eternity may find themselves weeping and gnashing their teeth in a realm which was never meant for them.

And then the end shall come...

What are our priorities? What mandates have we left in light of our own paths? Our own pursuits. Our own man made destinies. Our own wishes. Our own dreams. Our own costs. What of this world damned to a punishment when eternal life is given it free?

And then the end shall come.

Sea of humanity

What makes this point so important? Imagine if every lukewarm or cold Christian opted to refuse the unction of the Lord for His lost. Imagine the small connections which broken find souls into hell. As they once noted, the flapping of a butterfly may decide the fate of a small city because of the arms of a hurricane. The blood on the hands of Christians will be. In reality not all calls are heeded. In fact, it may be, that our Savior is weeping this moment for a lost soul someone simply didn't have time for.

For God so loved the world He gave His only Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

Few people witness. Fewer find their place in this life. Few are received into Heaven. Few find their lost in the sea and recover them. Few say at the end of their life they found their way, or had lived out their dreams...

Few find the straight and narrow path. And fewer walk out that narrow path.


Where does the sea of humanity emptied out into?


Or Heaven.

But those fated to our obedience will find life as our disobedience shall find hell.

Who will find heaven if the preacher refuses the Voice of the Lord? Who will find their names in the Book of Life if we don't give them a pen?




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