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The magic of creation of the Universe!

Updated on October 10, 2017

The world is an illusion...

We consider the world as rear and hence we are affected!

We consider the world as real and hence we are agitated! The world is like a painting on a canvass. If you say, it is not fixed like a painting; I can say it is like a cinema show falling on a pure white screen. Every scene seems very real with sounds and movements like the world we perceive outside! But the Upanishads cautions us that it is a wild imagination of the mind. The mind perceives a snake where only coir is lying across. It is twilight hour when the light is diminishing and darkness enveloping. But we could see something lying across the path. We imagine many things. It is lying without movement and if we go near it may bite us! Hence the person who perceives a snake stops right few feet away. Fortunately another man who walks nearby carries a torch light as precaution lest something may crawl around! The man who noticed the snake cautions him, ‘beware! a snake is there across the path! The man with the torch light focuses the light on the place and started laughing! What is the matter asks the first one! You come near and see! It is a coir lying across which induced your imagination. It is not a snake at all. Now the first man is greatly relieved of his fear! Now a few questions here! 1. Where is the snake? How the first man perceived the coir as snake? The answer is very simple! There is no snake at all. It is a pure imagination of the mind due to darkness! When the light is projected, one is rid of fear. Similarly, there is no world at all 2. There is only one truth 3. The mind has hidden the truth and projected the universe instead. Because of ignorance we are not able to perceive the one (god).


It is not so easy as i post.

Well, it is not as easy as I post it. Lot of preparations is required. If I say that the world is false, it won’t recede from my view. The senses are active, pass the input to the brain which processes it and pass it on to the mind to perceive! If somebody slaps me, how can I assert it is an imagination? The pain is there and how I will take it as an illusion? Scientists will ask where the proof is. The atheist will say, ‘you are an idiot. Show me the proof that the world is false! Pardon me; I will give few examples which anybody can understand. Everyone here might have watched a film in theatre! You purchase a ticket, enter into the hall and take the allotted seat. The picture is yet to start. You find in front of you a pure white screen and you know that in few minutes, advertisements will start. Just on the opposite side of the screen, on the wall, there is a square hole. Besides that there is a projector room. The operator load the film reel in the special pools of the projector, set it right at the starting point. At the ring of the bell, all lights are put off and the projector is started. There is a beam of light which pass through the slides of the reel slowly. Instantly, the pictures appear on the big screen in front of us. Within minutes, we watch with interest the main film which keep us focused on the screen! Everything falls on the screen! There is movement, sound, back ground music with songs and dialogue.

Time scale as per Vishnu Purana

The baffling calculations of time - One day of Brahma, the creator!

We are amused as the story enfolds. We forget ourselves and fully involved in the picture! While watching the show, we don’t perceive the screen! In fact without a screen no cinema can be projected or seen! The screen is the base. The cinema depends upon the screen but the screen is absolutely independent! Similarly, the all pervading consciousness which is within each individual is like the pure white screen of the cinema hall. Just like the screen which is unaffected by the pictures that falls on it, the consciousness is absolutely unaffected by the various happenings which are perceived by the mind. The conscious remains as a pure witness! As the scenes of fire or flood do not affect the screen, nor burn it or wet it, the consciousness is absolutely unperturbed by the so called events of the world! Let us take the sky. Many war jets cruise through the sky, many rockets are fired and many satellites are orbiting in the sky. There are trillions of stars, black holes, asteroids, planets and space debris. But the sky is never affected by all the events as above. During the world war, two atom bombs were thrown at two cities which caused huge destructions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Millions have perished; many millions were maimed beyond cure. The two cities were reduced to cinder and ash! But the sky remain unaffected though there was much radiation and after effects! The sky is subtle and cannot be fathomed by any. The creator is subtler than the sky! How can we gauge the creator or explain him through words or imagined in thoughts. He is inscrutable, immeasurable and infinite! The creation goes on far crores and crores of years. The universe had undergone dissolution many times. Yet, it was not the end. Again creation started afresh, sustained and absorbed. This is a cycle. There are many theories that exist about the creator which is told by great sages of ancient India. If we go through the Bagavata Purana, there is a chapter about periods of time. In that the passage of various aeon is mentioned and each yuga is named as Sathya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and the present Kaliyuga! The period of each is 1728000, 1296000, 864000 and 432000 human years. At the end of each such yuga, annihilation or absorption takes place which lasts for many thousands of years. After the end of contact period, the next yuga starts. Brahma oversees creation and he is assisted by Manus who are like care takers for each sub period. 360 days of human being is equal to one day for the demigods. Brahma has a life of one hundred years which is not in human scale! We will be astonished to notice the number of years of human scale which is equivalent to one day of Brahma.

One Mahayuga is 4320000 human years. One thousand such Mahayuga is day time for Brahma! Brahma’s one night is of equal duration. Hence mathematically one day and night of Brahma is equivalent to 2 x 1000 x 4320000 human years. The life time of each Brahma is one hundred years in the above scale. Now we are having 51st year of Brahma! Our scientists calculate the origin of the universe from “Big Bang”. This is restricted to the present universe. Actually many trillions of years have passed since the beginning of creation. In fact, creation is endless and none can surmise how much time has passed ever since! But the monastic philosophy asserts all this is a dream of god, projection of his will and the imagination of the mind like the snake over coir! I leave it to the readers to gauge the above!


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