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The many attractions of the external world!

Updated on August 30, 2014

Various attractions and the final goal.

The path to everlasting Bliss!

When we were little children, toys attracted us amid the embrace of the mother. When we were grown up a little, it is the company of other children, the fun and frolic of play entyced us. During school going days, there were further manifold attractions to many things from gadgets to girl friends. Why these fascinations? What really attracts us to the external world? We always feel that there is something lacking in us which we search in the outside world! It is the bliss which we last once we are born in the world. Yes, there is a native bliss in each one of us which is the basic quality of the Self. But surrounded by the perceived the world, we search it here and there without knowing that it is verily within us provided we made a deep search in the inner realms of the self. For that, we need to sacrifice the temporary interest in the phenomenal world. But the world easily attracts everyone, the various colors, the perfumes, the tasty food, the silken touches and the melodious music and the mere imagination of the pleasures by the mind. We feel that once we achieve or get something, we will become happy. Once we taste a fine dish, we will become happy or when we hear the sole stirring music, we will become happy or the caress of our sweet heart should make us happy. But we have never thought of the momentary nature of the above pleasures. Childrens do enjoy playing with toys. But how long? Until it notices another colorful toy with light emitting mechanism and move like a robot. Once hunger starts, the child let out a long cry for the mother and throws away even the most sophisticated toy in disgust. The toy no longer attracts the child. Once the child drinks the milk from mother, it searches for the toys. This is the psychology of all individuals not only the child. We long to possess the latest gadget in the market. The fascination fades after few days. For the first few days, we will research the various ways by which the gadget connects. We are careful not to scratch it and clean it every time we use. After a month of so, the gadget will be lying in some corners of the cupboard without somebody to care it.

Youngsters are fascinated with the opposite sex more than their intimate friends. They would like to talk, go out and enjoy intimate moments with them. After few days of flirting, some minor thing erupts and the youngsters avoid meeting their friends. There is a beautiful proverb, "Familiarity breeds contempt". Yes, it is true with all the worldly things and relationships. How long you will date with some. How long you will take out the girl friend to park and beaches. How long you will gossip with her? Suddenly one day, you will find that there is nothing to interest in the other's personality. This applies not alone to the above but also to wealth and properties. Until you amaze wealth, you will be working like a devil and everyday you will be enthusiastically checking your bank balance online. After few years, when all your needs are fulfilled, there comes a time when you no longer evince any interest in the bank balance. This is true for properties also. Till you own a house, you will sweat it out. One day, your dream of possessing a home comes true. You use all your taste to decorate the house with the most pleasing colors, carpets, sofa etc etc. After a few years time, your home no longer interest you any more. Your mind hankers for some other thing.

Man never gets full satisfaction in any of the things of the world or from the near and dear. Life become mechanical after you age past 50 years. Now you start introspecting. What you have gained after all these years of toil? Problems one after the other pester us whether we are wealthy or poor. Then man realizes that neither money or properties give him lasting satisfaction. Nor his wife or children can grant him the joy he expects. It is only by turning away from the fleeting scenes of ever changing mundane life, one can aspire for real peace or joy. Then he turns his attention to Yoga or Meditation. He goes to many masters for learning the ultimate aims of life. He understands that all these years, he has wasted his time and energy in unproductive manner. He will not be able to transfer his accounts from here to his ultimate destination. Not a grain of sand he can carry to the other world. If he is fortunate enough, he meet some great preceptor who can reduce his earthly cares and worries by turning his thought on the other world which is spiritual which demands sacrifice of earthly attachments. The more luggage we shed from the mind, the more joy we reap. Here, the term luggage connotes the unwanted desires and ambitions one cultivate during his sojourn on earth.

He understands, he came alone and he has to depart alone! None of his near and dear will accompany him. Then the thoughts of spirit or soul or god comes to his mind. He starts reading various religious scriptures. Slowly he turns his mind away from the faulty pleasures that attracted him hitherto. He has to cultivate love for all the beings. He should not harbor hate towards any. He should share his love and resources with hitherto unknown people who were not related to him. He should feed the poor, clothe them and assist the elders and lonely persons. Yes, real joy comes from loving and serving all. Yes, all religious scriptures are vocal on these basic tenets.


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