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The "bags" of Life

Updated on October 10, 2011

I love to travel. There is so much excitement running through my head the minute I think about travelling. It's an experience packed with education, adventure, discovery, fun, laughter, enjoyment and not to mention, FOOD! The only thing I do not like about travelling is it's important pre-requisite : packing!

Though I love to travel, I am not the person who would invest much on expensive travelling bags only because I know how it is being tossed and thrown around to get them to its final destination. The irony of it all is, I love bags in general!

In this day and age, bags tell so much about who you are, not in its deepest sense, but it somehow reflects your taste and at a certain point, your stature.

Women, in general, can't live without bags. That, I can say with certainty. As a matter of fact, I have more than what I need, and yet I can't bring myself not to buy another piece when there's some new and fashionable in the market.

Bags do serve their purpose. They carry the weight of our daily essentials (plus vanity). They are our best friends, when we, women talk about fashion and the latest trends. They keep our belongings intact and secure, safe all the time.

I carry with me a lot of bags when I go to work everyday. One for all my personal stuff, one to carry my good, and yet another one for all the other things that I need to bring along like my phones' chargers, my ipad, my journal and what have you. I like my things sorted according to needs, hence the different bags. May I say, though, these bags can get quite in the way and heavy specially on a day when everything is all rush!

While having these thoughts in mind, I asked myself, aside from the physical bags that I carry around everyday, is it possible that there are more that add weight to life?

Take for instance the "bag" of pride. Some people would most definitely carry this around with importance, because when everything else fails, at least they have their pride to count on. What about the "bag" of unforgiveness? Such is the root of hatred amongst friends and family members and for some people that I personally know, this bag is just indispensible. It is a treasured possession!

What about the "bag" of jealousy? Such is so common that we actually have different sizes and shapes and colors. One design each for the week. Funny, but true. And yet there's this "bag" of insecurity, "bag" of selfishness, "bag" of greed and let's admit it, the list can go on and on and on.

If there's one thing that I believe in, its "balance." While we have named and described the many negative bags we carry around with us every single day, there are also those that comes in inspiring designs.

I wish I could buy the biggest "bag" of love. I will fill it with kind and encouraging words to pacify the weary. On the side, I would like to carry a bag of "generosity" -- one where I can draw help from and extend to those that are needy. A "bag" of faith would definitely be part of my daily get-up because without, life would just be impossible.

If I were to choose a bag that I can not live without, then that would be my "bag" of grace. It is the source from where I can draw God's unmerited, unprecedented favor in my life. It is so essential that I want my bag full everyday.

A bagsfull of mercy will be helpful, too. One filled with humor can be very handy on a gloomy and sad day.

While these may just be a play of words describing the weight that we carry everyday, this leaves a very sane and constant reminder to us, that like fashion, we always have a choice to look good or gaudy or nice. On a different day, depending on how emotions may dictate to us, we may don on a haughty, snubbish look. But at the end of the day, its all about moving towards the right choices.

Bags may seem to be just an accessory to some, to me it serves its purpose even better. Every time I don on a nice bag, with it is the thought that kindness and love should also proceed from such.

I love bags.


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