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The marvelous creation!

Updated on March 30, 2014

The beauty of nature around us.

The bounty of creation!

People generally believe the negative side of life. They fail to look at the positive side. Hence, two people looking at the half filled glass comments differently. One observes that the glass is half empty and the other says, it is half full. This is the attitude of the world. We call it pessimistic and optimistic view. Have you ever wondered at the beautiful creation around you? Have you enjoyed the nature in its fullest and pristine glory? You may be having anxieties and worries weighing you. But that is not an excuse to remain oblivious to the beautiful world around you. Have you seen the morning dew, crystal like sitting on the green leaves? Have you heard the chirping of the beautiful little birds? In fact, god has blessed us with eyes and vision to look at the beauty around us. Poets express it through their poetry. But most of us are engrossed in our own worries and commitments we carry on our head always.

Forget for a moment those unwanted anxieties and feel fresh to enjoy the present moment which depict nature around you. Have you enjoyed a silent walk along a riverside? Have you trekked through the mountains enjoying the greenery and the beautiful colorful flowers that shows up in between. Those yonder mountains, the blue sky above, the chorus of sounds of birds and animals, the sound of water gorging through the sides to reach the bottom. If you are not habituated to this trips out, you might have enjoyed the beautiful smiles of the babies. Yes, they are the depiction of pure love and hence every one enjoys the company of the babies. In fact, god's love is compared to that of babies since both are innocent to the core. Only when the child grows, it starts forming opinions, it craves for many things and become egoistic on the long run. The ego weighs the man and torment him in many ways. He looses his happiness ultimately. Hence one must try to remain 'child like' always. Innocence is freedom from all bonds. But we tend to ignore it due to avarice and selfishness.

A scientist is baffled at the secrets of the universe and its origin. His effort to unveil those secrets is often met with failure. Scientists at best can research on the existing elements and compounds and find out their properties and patterns. But a sage, after persistent meditation can intuitively understand the reasons behind the origin of the universe. Veda and Upanishads are the results of their intuitions. The universe contains all the Truths in some invisible form. We talk about radio transmission and wireless networks. Radio waves, electricity and magnetism are always there even before the scientists invented it. Hence communication between various powers or entities were possible even without the aid of hardware. In ancient days, potent formulas aimed at certain results were chanted in particular way. These chanting enabled weapons to destroy, and chariots airborne. Hence it is not fiction that Ravana drove the chariot in air and many great wars were fought with mysterious arrows and weapons which emitted fire and thunder. Man had all the capacities to conquer nature in the ancient days. Some people used them for the welfare of the people whereas others used for destruction.

The Universe and its creatures are always mysterious. How they live and thrive is a matter of curiosity to environmentalists and biologist. The greatest mystery is 'how the ecology maintains its balance everywhere? If different species are allowed to proliferate without any control, the world would have burst or destroyed. Hence there is an intelligent cycle which causes the destruction of created things periodically! We knew that fishes are eaten by frogs and birds. Bigger fishes eat the smaller one. The whale eats the bigger fishes. Whale is haunted by human beings. In human world, the population is maintained by death, destruction by natural fury and man made wars. Also, the atom bombs used in world wars destroyed millions of lives. Whenever the population of world grows beyond certain limits, the above factors are triggered to reduce the population.

We talk about computer program today. But how the program to create and control the various species of the world have been made by some mysterious force we call as god? This is really the beauty of creation. The exhaustive power, the prime mover has enabled everything, the flora and fauna and in spite of abuse by human beings, world still survives. Hence, let us revere nature and enjoy the various manifestation of nature and be grateful to the creator for all this treasures!


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