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The marvels of creation are beyond human understanding!

Updated on April 29, 2016

Thoughts of Einstein.

We can not comprehend the creator!

Everyone loves themselves most. All other attachments and affections stems from this ‘self love’. Now the real question is, ‘what the people mean by the term ‘self’? This is a very tricky question. But in normal conversation, people use the term ‘my and myself’ more often. They mean it in the context of a form and name. People say, “My name is Rama or Krishna or James etc. They again say, “I am so and so and works in this concern and I reside there” They add “I have done this; I have achieved this etc. All these assertions evidently point to their body identity. We won’t say “I’ with reference to others. We point out others as ‘he, she or they’. When talking about a society, we talk about it as ‘we in the society’. This is the collective reference to many individuals living in the same society or place!

But Hindu religious scriptures refute this kind of identity to the bodies. The one Atma which pervades all, in the entire cosmos is the real owner of the term “I”. Hence there are few assertions in the scriptures which states, TAT TWAM ASI” means you are That! ‘I AM ATMA BRAHMA’ – I am the all pervading self known as Brahman. ‘PRAGNANAM BRAHMA - Knowledge about the SELF is Brahman! Nowhere, the scriptures point out to the body/mind complex as “I”.

First of all, we must be clear about certain principles of logic. What comes in the middle goes away in the middle. What is there from the beginning will last forever. The scriptures assert that “Brahman” or Self is the only entity, ever-present, everywhere. It was beginning less and hence it is endless. It exists by itself. It was not created by any. It is the fundamental and only entity which is formless, nameless, motionless, and bereft of any qualities. It is the origin, middle as well as the sustaining entity even if all the so called creation gets annihilated. All elements derive their power and energy from that self alone. It has no visible limbs. In fact, TIME, SPACE AND CAUSATION’ is synonymous with the egoistic mind principle. Nothing can grasp the Self since there is no second entity apart from the self. The mind originated in the middle and hence the creation. For cognition of created universe, five senses and the sense organs were created.

This much we can affirm with our limited power of cognizance. The Vedas declare that the Atma can not be cut by weapons since it has no limbs. It can not be destroyed by fire, since it has no form. In the same analysis, it can not be made wet by the water, nor dried by wind. It is formless, exists everywhere. The sky and other elements are encased by the Atma. It is immeasurable, beyond reasons of understanding by our limited intellect. Hence, it is termed as “Infinity”. The ocean is measurable but not the sky or space. No telescope, however sophisticated could reach even the border. Trillions of galaxies like our ‘milky way’ exist in space. What we could perceive through the more advanced telescopes are just a ‘nano particle’ compared to the infinite space. That space is contained in the Self. Then, we can understand that it is beyond our intellectual reach. Only the scriptures contain the truths mentioned above.

Many of us feel that the earth evolved around thirteen billion years. Sadly, they talk about the present universe. But many eons have lapsed since the commencement of creation. I have dealt it in many of my previous hubs. If we contemplate about the cosmos, ecology, different kinds of species in water, air and earth, we can accept without least pride that all this are the handiwork of a supreme power, which can not be investigated by any in the world.

We can only marvel at the complexities of creation, the power of each cell in every being, the DNA, the functions of the brain, heart, liver and kidneys. In fact, each individual cell is a great miracle of the supreme power!

Gandhi says..


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