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The mind and intellect can not reach God!

Updated on December 22, 2015

God is Love!

It is futile exercise to know god through our mind and intellect!

In schools, a blackboard is affixed on the wall for enhancing learning experience. The teacher writes on the blackboard with a white chalk. He does not use a black chalk since nothing will be legible or visible. The contrast of white letters on black board is for easy reading even by the back benchers. The so called creation stems from the same argument. Dualities sustain the creation. Dualities which are in contrast or opposite to each other sustain it forever.

For instance, the non-dualist affirms that there is only one and there is no second apart from the one! In that case, how there could be creation? Creation needs three things. One is the creator, second is the creation apart from the creator and third is the wherewithal of the creation. This can be otherwise explained as the Doer, deed and the process. Instead of duality, we have trinity now. Hence, in the absolute state, there is no creation at all. Due to the intervention of something in between, the creation seems to arise. In a way, an object is seen through the mirror and there are three things, the object, the mirror and the reflection. Hence some scriptures talk about the creation as “God is reflected in the mind and there seems to be the phenomenal world etc. Imagine a situation where the mirror is removed. What will happen? There will be only ‘object’ and there is no reflection due to the absence of mirror. Mathematically we can form an equation like 3 – 1 =1. But this is not correct as per mathematics. But in reality, the absence of mirror removes the reflection also. Hence the object alone remains. But, it is wrong to state this as an ‘object’. It is really ‘subject’ and not an object!

In reality, God is not an object to be seen. It is the ‘seer’ and not the seen! This truth need to be kept in our conscious. The illusory mind is giving the mirror effect to creation. What is reflected is God only. Hence God is perceived as “all pervasive”, since the shadow is not apart from the object. Only when there is an object, there will be shadow through the effects of Sun. However much we try, the mind or intellect can never reach the self or understand the self. This is the secret behind the illusory creation. Remaining incognito, he enables the cosmic show which is really like a magic show. There is no inherent reality in creation. The creator alone is real and all else is false.

Many people tried to find out the truth behind the entire creation. Both scientists and spiritualist broke their head to find out the force behind the creation. At last, the spiritualist has realized that all this is a show or a drama or dream of the supreme intelligence. It is formless, motiveless and endless. It has no qualities as such. We say that pure water is colorless, tasteless and odorless. Likewise the supreme one has no attributes. Only for the sake of ignorant, these attributes are mentioned in the scriptures. How do we assert about creation? It is perceived through the five organs of senses like the eye, ear, skin, nose and tongue. In fact all the sense organs are imperfect since they are capable of conveying only one aspect of perception.

To highlight this, there is a story in children’s books. Seven blind men tried to perceive a huge elephant through their touch. The one who touched the feet asserted that the elephant is like a pillar. The one who touched its stomach said, It is like a wall. Another one touched its tail and said, it is like a broom. The one who touched the trunk of the elephant said, it is like a big pipe. The other one touched its huge ear and said it is like a big fan. When they were arguing like this among themselves, one wayfarer came there hearing all the commotion. He asked them, why they are quarrelling and what the issue is. They explained that they were all blind and they accidently staggered upon a huge thing and each one differ their version. The wayfarer told them, ‘none of you is right, the elephant is a huge animal with different parts. Each one touched only one part and asserts that their perception is only right. The elephant is the sum of all your perceptions and much more. Hence do not quarrel anymore! This is how, the ignorant believing their sensory perceptions try to define the supreme that has no form at all. How it is possible? At least, the elephant has a perceptible form, but god is formless and beyond the ken of human intelligence. Hence we should never rely on the false sensory perceptions.

The scriptures assert that “God is Love; God is Light which illumine all the minds of individuals. The Love alone has manifested in many forms, though they are not real. The creation is relatively real and not absolutely real.

You are God....


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 23 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Dear friend! Your reviews always uplift me in my quest for god. You have enjoyed the grace of your Master for more than three decades practicing his teachings. Practically stating, you are in spiritual path and in an advanced state too. May the Divine grace guide all spiritual aspirants everywhere! Thank you for your kindness which I feel in every one of your nice comments.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 24 months ago from london

      Yes Bro, great Hub! Mind and Intellect! Not easy Bro. From where I stand, there are essentially two Paths. The Path of the Mind: Ego, I, me and mine; separation, analysis ...

      The Path of the Heart: Oneness, spontanaeity' purity, we and ours, innocence, identification ...

      Alas! we're in a mind-trap, all right. Excellent Hub!