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The mind is the origin of desires!

Updated on August 20, 2016

Shopping mania!

Mind and desires!

It is very difficult to stem desires which rise in the mind from time to time! When the focus of the mind is on a particular desire, try to suppress it but the mind won’t relent on its hold on a particular desire. In that way, the mind is most powerful and none can subdue it by force! But try to cajole the mind with sane advice. Even then, it won’t relent! Sometimes, the mind seems quiet for few moments. Within a short while, it will start pestering for a particular desire! This is the psychology of the mind!

In this world, the entire business of ‘give and take’ happens only because of the desires that arise in the mind! The thoughts become desires. The sane way to control the mind is, ‘stop feeding the desires’! For instance, if you want to put out the fire in the fire place, you stop feeding some more logs. Once the logs that were placed in the fire are completely burnt, the fire won’t be there and slowly it will be reduced to cinders. Human psychology is that we cater for each and every desire that arise in the mind. Just observe the thoughts from afar. Do not involve in the thought process! Do not judge the thoughts but simply observe it. The mind always desires for something new or some new experiences. Hence it searches for more varieties of joy to satisfy it.

Advertisements of e commerce sites

The boom of E Commerce sites is due to the desires abounding in mind!

E commerce sites expand day by day. We need not move out from the comforts of the home. We can select any item and view the photos and reviews. Generally, the MRP printed on the packages are usually high. Hence E commerce sites are able to give a cut on the MRP. In the first sight, it may look as a cheap offer but there are various inputs that go into fluctuating rates. 1. Demand for the particular item, brand name, performance reviews etc. Each day, we see many new items are coming in the market with higher specifications and lesser price. Hence never go in for a new item in the market. The price is likely to stabilize and there will be substantial price cut after some time. Do not rush through the orders. Always look at the good and bad points reflected on the product review. Nowadays, all E commerce sites reflect both the good and bad reviews so that the buyer is better informed!

Nowadays shopping mania has increased in the mindset of people. The advertisements occupy main space in smartphones tablets and computers. Hence, even if you want to avoid seeing the advertisements, it lurks in every nook and corner of the net. There is no website devoid of any advertisements. They pop up everywhere! Hence you have to bear with the floods of advertisements everywhere in the media and net. They cleverly place the advertisements as per your browsing taste. For instance, if I check the e commerce site for some tablets, I find the same in all the web pages I visit. This being the latest technique, we need to be extra cautious!

Feature phones usage

How to avoid getting trapped in e commerce sites?

The best technique is ‘avoid ordering’. Simply go through the reviews but always postpone as far as possible. Ask yourself, whether it is absolutely essential? For instance, one may have a feature phone which is sufficient for voice calls and messages! 90% of the cell phone users utilize the phone essentially for making phone calls and messages. Even the feature phone contains many basic applications like the clock, calculator, internet etc. What else we need? Why go for the latest smartphones? You may never utilize more than 30% of the installed applications! This is how advertisers attract the gullible public in purchasing brand new items!

Be prudent in choosing essential basic items. Of course, in this computer age, none want to lag behind others in technology! Only if one is conversant with using latest technological tools, one can be employed productively. Also, the market need medium to high skill candidates for placements. Hence those in computer fields must update their knowledge to latest technology! Every day, a new technology is invented around the globe! Computers have become most essential tool nowadays. But other than job seekers, it is enough if one is conversant with basic skills of technology and they need not spend their hard earned money in purchasing newer gadgets, since it is available online and easy to order!

Hence do not follow each and every desire that arise in the mind. Ask; is it absolutely necessary for survival? If it is a mere entertainment tool, simply discard it. Already we have a plethora of gadgets and newspapers to know the latest trending news! We need not go to Facebook or Twitter. It is only for passing time and interacting with others and gets likes and comments which is simply time pass. Utilize the time rather in some productive ways. Browsing the net is waste of time, if one is not learning any useful things. Today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s waste paper! Don’t burn a hole in your pocket by continuously remaining online!

Online e commerce - Beware!


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