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The mind is the sole cause for creation!

Updated on August 7, 2015

Mysterious mind!

Mind matters!

Everyone in the world can observe their thoughts. It requires a little practice to stand apart from the thought process and watch each thought emanating! There are ample benefits if we could observe the thoughts away from it. Normally, everyone gets involved in the thought process quickly as each thought arise, they judge the thought and enter into action without thinking about the pros and cons. I will just give an everyday example.

We watch the media, surf the net and read newspapers. We come across many catching advertisements offering unbelievable discount. We are tempted to purchase some item based on the advertisement. Whether it is essential or not, none cares. For instance, one may have a feature phone mainly for voice calls and messages. He comes across ads containing cheaper smart phones (it is available for Rs.2000/+. Instantly, he orders the smart phone through on line portals, if he is a bachelor with a job. He thinks it is nice to possess smart phone. Ultimately he receives his product in few days time, start using it. Most of the prudent smart phone users use it for phone calls and messages. Once you connect to the data net works, you will be tempted to browse news, cricket scores, face book etc. Within a second, you get a message about the balance in your data amount. If you are a bachelor, you don’t mind recharging it number of times.

Now let us calculate your monthly expenses while using a smart phone vs feature phone. Naturally, you will be coughing up substantial money towards recharges after you possess a smart phone. Now many of us have access to internet through a modem &PC in home. What prompts you to surf through the net with smart phone? You are eager to know updates in news and cricket scores every moment. Hence this is the catch of mobile manufacturers and internet service providers. They empty your cash reserves in a quick manner. Think for a while, whether it is absolute necessity to view the scores on the go? By evening, you switch on your TV and watch the news and you can know the outcome of matches, latest headlines etc for a much lower cost. This is how our desires hook us to many unnecessary things and we waste our precious time and money!

Long ago, Sri Sathya Saibaba has evolved a program called “Ceiling on desires” for the devotees and students of Sai Institutions. Unless we keep a check on our wish lists, we can not progress spiritually. Hence curtail desires to the barest minimum and stick only to essential necessities of life. People around the globe usually possess a PC (desk top). Then they thought ‘laptops’ would be more convenient to carry to work spot. Thus, evolved the tablets, phablets and other avatars of computers. Even the smart phone is a miniature PC. Only problem is we can not type long documents. Hence the needs decide newer varieties. But remember, there are billions in the world who have no access to even a cheaper variety of mobiles. As you feed each desire, it starts clamoring for more and more.

In some of my previous hubs, I have given an example to clarify this point. Desires are like fuels fed in a fire place. The fire will clamor for more and more fuel in order to raise and glow. To put down the fire, there is a simple way. Do not feed with further fuel. Likewise do not fulfill all your desires as they rise in the mind. The mind never gets satisfied. If one want is fulfilled, there is a temporary excitement. After sometime, the mind will crave for some more items. For instance, if you eat the same item of food daily, you will get bogged down. Even our tongue demands varieties of tastes from different preparations. People like sweets. But feed him with more and more sweets, he will become ill.

Hence our elders have devised many varieties of foods. A little sweet with hot item will be liked by all. Hence God has created the cosmos with day and night, pain and pleasure, wellness and illness and hot and cold. These dualities enable us to survive. If there is only one color in this world, none will be interested. Hence there is a spectrum of seven colors with various combinations which enables us to appreciate the nature. No creation is possible with one alone. There was formless almighty first and there was no creation. When the mind principle emanated from the formless power, creation ensued. Hence mind is really the cause of the entire creation and cosmos. Without the mind, none can perceive the world!

From the mind, ego evolve!


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