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The mind reacts and reflects!

Updated on July 5, 2014

The deflated ball and Buddha!

Deflate the ego!

Re-actions resound and reflections are normal in every day life. It is the mind which reacts and reflects. In this phenomenal world, every action begets equal and opposite reactions. If you throw a ball against a wall, the ball comes back with the same force. If you hit a table with your fist, the table though inert, would have hit you back (that is why the feelings of pain in your hand). Even if we inadvertently hit some thing while moving, we would hurt ourselves due to the hit. There will be pain and if the hit is forceful, there will be swelling too! This is so far as our body is concerned. But, what about the mind and its reactions? The mind is closely associated with as well as dependent on the body.

In the above category, there was visible hit and the resultant pain. But how the mind reacts to words of people, their opinions and judgment? This is the peculiarity of the mind. But there are few wise people who never react to other’s words or opinion! They are the blessed category of self-realized souls. I will give here a small example! Now the world is witnessing world cup foot ball match eagerly. The ball can move only if it is fully filled up with air! If the ball is deflated, none will use the ball in the match. The ball gets the hits and kicks from many players in the game! The only condition for its escape from the kick is to get deflated. Then none will bother about the ball. There is a high philosophy in this game. If your mind is filled up with EGO, every Tom, Dick and Henry will kick you and you will start quarrelling even for simple matters. If you are like the Buddha, who was sitting and smiling for the endless accusations about him by some rogues, is the one who has deflated the ego from him and hence, no words of others could provoke him into retaliation.

Once, Sri Sathya Saibaba has told a beautiful example. People in South India use the skin of dead bulls to make drums and trumpets. When you hit those drums with sticks, it will give out the sound of ‘ham, ham’ indicating Iam, Iam. Even after it is dead, the skins give the sound ham! Now cut those skins in small twines of thread and attach it to a stringed instrument. When you touch those strings with the fingers, it will give the note ‘tum, tum’ which means you, you. Hence, the human being has to undergo lot of refinement to shed the ego. The process is like removing the skin of the animal and cutting it into fine threads resembling the strings. Buddha underwent all refinement when he has forsaken the palace, his young wife and son! He wandered and meditated throughout his quest for truth. He begged his food from many house holds and ate whatever is put in his begging bowl. After many years of meditation, he understood that the entire world is full of grief and our life on earth is momentary. Hence he said, “Sarvam kshanigam, Sarvam dukkam”-“every thing is ephemeral and full of grief.

Hence every human being who want to escape from the clutches of ego must become absolutely ‘desire less and selfless’. Buddha found that desires are the root cause for troubles and grief. There is one more interesting episode in the life of Buddha. Once, a lady approached Buddha wailing incessantly. Buddha asked her the reasons. She said, her only son is dead. Please revive him since I have no body else. She was pleading with Buddha for a long time. Finally Buddha asked her to get few mustard seeds from a house where none has died so far. When the lady begged for the mustard, every one was ready to give but on hearing her condition, they expressed their inability since every household lost some members in the past! The lady understood that ‘death is inevitable factor of life” Thus Buddha taught people the reality behind the ephemeral life!


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