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The miracle of life Part 2

Updated on January 2, 2014

The Miracle of Life Part 2

Time, Facts, and Knowledge

Previously in the first section I mentioned that I did not know when I became conscious of my own physical existence. I do not know anyone who has that knowledge on themselves, it would be required for our parents to provide that information.

What is time? Time phrase time is money does not do the concept of time justice. Money is money, Time is time. There is so many ways to perceive the notion of time. Now since I want to communicate with you well, I will have to provide my definition of time so we are thinking along the same lines. Here we go J, Time is an agreed idea formalized by human beings to help measure distances among physical objects, or events. For the purpose of this writing we will use the present time agreements starting with Now, seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, millenniums etc. We may also look at Time a beginning or known start point, middle or series of actions, and end or termination point.

Our bonding time is Now or the present, because the present time is the only time we able to experience. The present is the only time that I fully care about. I am not saying to forget the past, or not to think about the future, no I am saying to live in the present; because you can only Be happy in the present. The present is the only time we can say “I AM happy”.

Now it is time for facts, but first let me say this a fact is something that another person cannot challenge because it is ingrained in our common reality. Example all humans need air to breathe. Anyone who challenge this fact is welcomed to hold their breath until they die. Ok, so that sound silly, but I have met people who like to challenge every statement, so I warn them, when you challenge certain fact you really need to be prepared to die to find out the answer. Hence the final fact I will present to you first, all human beings will physically die. Anyone who wants to challenge the fact is welcomed to put their head in a guillotine and let the blade fall on their head. If they get up after that I guess I was wrong J.

Anyway, my point is that I have met people who think that everyone else will die physically and they will not. Well since even planets and stars die and their energy is greater than that of any one human, it is not logical to think that human beings will physically live here on planet Earth perpetually. Seven billion people, seven billion different deaths that is the fact of life.

When a person has a solid foundation that is based on facts, the probability of them being successful on whatever they set out to accomplish is greater than people who guess and have no foundation to assist them with their endeavors. I am saying not to let anyone shake what you know to be a fact. Know yourself first, and then get to know the world around you to see where you fit in and who you are relative to others.

The majority of the above writing may seem self-centered, it really is not once you can see yourself in others, and this is knowledge on the self. Knowledge is having the information, and being aware, of the data, and facts, and understanding how to apply everything to achieve the desired outcome. Seven billion people, seven billion different knowledge bases, my advice would be to be respectful to your own knowledge base and to those of others.

The Purpose of Life

Now here comes the pinnacle, the summit, the apex and the zenith of what I would like to share. Are you ready for this! In the material world relationships are a major key to our “happiness” and “unhappiness”. Each person has a relationship with themselves and that should be that they love them self, they should care about them self and see them self as a being that has the right to be at peace and happy. Each person also has a relationship with all seven billion other human beings on the planet. The primary relationships may be as father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, wife, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, friend, or neutral (no blood link nor is the person a chosen friend).

For the purpose of this writing I will only focus on friends. Friends are other people we choose to associate with because we like share a link with them that is special to the two people. This choice is significant because it is a demonstration that a portion of our happiness in the material world is under our control. I tell my close friends “we are here to increase each other happiness, love, share and grow together. This is what friendship is about.”. I know they are not a need (as defined), however they are a strong bond or a “loved one”.

It is the relationship with loved ones that make life more fulfilling, more purposeful. The relationship among us leads us to want to associate with one another again and again, due to the joy that we have sharing time together ( and this has nothing to do with money or anything material). Friends love, promote, care for, protect, live together in harmony. They are all unique and special so there will be differences, but the love and respect for one another keeps the relationship peaceful.

Here is a secret, true friendship is the strongest bond even above family, because of the choice made. The family that one is born into has an obligation to the child. However when the child is strong enough to think for themselves and they choose to remain a part of the family, then the friendship among the members is activated, it is no longer obligatory it is chosen, one of a more pure devotion.

This love, this devotion to one another is what makes life even more stimulating, this is why many people are searching for “love”. The highest form of this love is between a man and a woman. I am saying this based on my own experience and the experience of others from the past and presently. I am further stating this because the union of a man and a woman is the only way to naturally, reproduce the miracle of life. Therefore, the ultimate purpose of life is to strive to love all, and find you most perfect love and reproduce the miracle of life.

The Summation

I exist and that is the ultimate miracle, others exist and we all share in the miracle of life because our consciousness gives us this knowledge. We all have basic needs, many desires or wants; however, we have to work together to live in harmony as a civilization. Time will bring all of us and separate us as well. Life is temporary consisting of a beginning, middle and an end. Relationships hold the key to material happiness, finding your most perfect mate and procreating is the purpose and destiny of humanity.

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