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The mission of Sathya Sai Baba

Updated on September 4, 2011

Why Sathya Sai Baba has incarnated?

People who are conversant with the teachings of Bagawat Gita, which was sung by Lord Krishna in the battle field of Kurukshethra in the historic Mahabarath war, states that the Lord incarnates from time to time whenever unrighteousness erupts in human society, and to safeguard the peace loving people from the atrocities of bad and evil people. We have no doubt that the past decades were the worst in human history. There were many wars of wider implications and natural disasters hitherto never witnessed earlier. Atomic bombs were freely utilized during the world war and there were heavy destruction of entire towns with huge populations. The rulers were men of ferocious nature. Many nations suffered during the world war. It was really a ripe time for the incarnation to take place. Many times, Saibaba has told the huge gatherings that He has a specific purpose for descending on the earth. The conflagration that is threatening the entire Universe due to nuclear weapons has to be quenched if humanity has to be saved. There is no Unity among the nations and people. This can be achieved only through spiritual regeneration of people. In the earlier eras, there were few demonic kings who created unrest in peace loving citizens. By eliminating the few demons, peace was restored. But now the demonic nature has filled almost every body. None is perfect. If the Avatar starts eliminating, none will survive. Hence Saibaba has said, inner transformation of each individual is the priority today. None will be destroyed but they will be corrected and shown good paths. Though Saibaba was born during 1926 itself, he was silently preparing the ground for commencing his tasks. None knew him until 1940 when he revealed his identity to the world as "I am Saibaba, Keep your mind and home clean. I have come due to the requests and prayers of many a saints and sages to protect the world from imminent annihilation. During 1980s, he has confided with some devotees that his mission has already started and the groundwork is almost complete. That is when people residing in far most corners of the globe start knowing about the greatness of Sai Baba's mission. Service activities have started around the globe in small scale. Weekly medical camps and poor feeding were started first. Congregational prayers have started. Saibaba emphasized that he has not come to start a new religion or cult. He has come to reveal the world, the ancient highway to spirituality which is covered by thick bushes. He said, I have not come to convert any body. I want that a Christian should become a better Christian, a Hindu should become a better Hindu and a Muslim should become a better Muslim. His mission is Universal and it does not pertain to Hindus or India. Though he has taken birth in India, He belongs to the entire Universe. He says, that the Universe is a big mansion and each country is a room in the mansion. He says, Let each religion exists and people follow their religion in true sense. He preaches about Love which is nothing but God. He says God is Love, Live in Love. He adds "Help Ever, Hurt Never. and "All are ONE, Be alike to every one.


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