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The most powerful chant, "Gayathri"!

Updated on April 3, 2013

The form of mother Gayathri with Sai inset!

Any body can repeat Gayathri chant!

Materialization, vibration and radiation are the three energies or power which activate all beings and enable the elements to function and the Cosmos to expand further. For example, our body represents material, the breath is the vibration and the thinking mind is the radiation. The physical world around us is the effect of materialization, the movements of earth and other planets in orbit is the result of vibration and the energy emitted by the Sun on the whole Universe in radiation. A physical object may seem ‘inert’ to the outer eye but it is the equilibrium of forces which keep the object in rest and the center of gravity enable it to remain static at a place. Imagine a stone on the slope of a hill. Due to gravity in will automatically slide down the slope of the hill. Once it reaches the ground, it won’t move any further. Though seemingly inert, it has potential energy. A physicist will tell that the atom inside the stone (the electron is always in orbit within) is active and cling to other atoms so that the mass of the stone is formed! Hence, when some materials are inert, we should not construe that it has no energy. This explains the material science in a gist. The external forces which act on the inert static material make it to vibrate or move.

Saibaba has once explained the power of Gayathri chant. He said that the chants Om Bhur Buva Swaha represent materialization, vibration and radiation. It is a most powerful and potent chant which can be repeated by anybody. There is no taboo. The chant really worships the Sun God in the form of Gayathri, Savithri and Saraswathi in the morning while the Sun rises, in the midnoon (12 noon) and in the evening when the Sun is about to set. The gist of the meaning of the chant is “Illumine my intelligence”. The invocation is towards the Sun God who grants intelligence and real knowledge to the beings especially human being who has got the power of intellect. The Sun radiates energy and we invoke it to illumine the intellect. This particular chant is Universal since it do not represent any religion, or Nationality or sect or gender. All people can chant the Gayatri and gain illumination of the intellect.It is enough if one memorize the small chant ‘OM BHUR BHUVASUVAHA, TATSAVITUR VARENYAM, BARGO DEVASYA DEEMAHI, DHEEYOYONAHA PRACHODAYAT”

In addition the above chant protects the individual who chants it faithfully from all dangers and evils. By repeated chanting, the face gains a mysterious glow and one will be able to differentiate between the “Real and Illusory”. We all know that the world and the experiences gained through the senses are fleeting and they do not last. There is an ‘unseen base’ on which everything is projected like a cinema. The unseen base is termed as “Atma or Self or Almighty God”. All these terms represent the Supreme Being from whom the world has manifested. Knowing about the flimsy nature of the experiences of the world, the wise man remains indifferent or he just witnesses all the events as though watching from a window of his mansion. You are not the body with which you have got intimate attachment. You are the indweller of the tabernacle called body. The body is cast away on death but the real “I” inside the body who is the eternal witness of the drama of life is absolutely unaffected. We can take the example of the pure white screens installed in the cinema halls. Let any kind of pictures fall on the screen. There may be scenes of fire, flood, holocaust but the screen remains unaffected throughout. The pictures need the screen but the screen exists independently of the pictures. The creation too is similar. It cannot exist without the Atma or Self. But the Self never needs the creation and it is purely independent.


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