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The most valuable item one should possess is PEACE!

Updated on August 7, 2013

The world need peace today!

If you observe the world today, you will conclude that there is no peace anywhere. It starts between neighbors and escalate between Nations. What started as a small scuffle led to World War.? Tensions were ruing and simmering into factions. But compared to the situations prevailing in 1944-46, the world is comparatively at peace. No doubt, there are tensions in Arab Nations. The main reasons for all this are that there is no unity in thoughts, words and actions of people. Even within a family, parents and children are at dagger heads. Psychologists may attribute this due to generation gap. Parents, Teachers and society are mainly responsible for the pathetic situation prevailing today. Children watch their parents and absorb their qualities and mannerism. If the parents are quarrelsome, the children too imbibe the quality. If the parents are helping one another, the children too will help them in times of need. Parents who drink and smoke cannot correct their children at a later date when they too follow the footsteps of the parents. Different qualities dominate the minds of man during different aeons.

Astrologists talk about the movements of planets through certain stars and co-relate them with the behavior of human beings on earth! Whether we believe it or not, there is marked change in the behavior of persons subsequent to the great inventions that led to industrial revolutions. Materialistic outlook was developed that led to the colonization of certain third world countries by the industrially rich countries. Wealth in the form of valuable metals like gold and silver were garnered by the rich countries. Trade flourished. Many third world countries which had abundance of raw materials were targeted by the rich countries. Thus those people who were illiterate were made to part with their raw materials for a song. In turn, the finished goods were brought in the third world countries and sold at exorbitant rates. For instance, cotton cultivated in India made their way to London and other places. The finished mill cloths were sent to India and people were compelled to purchase them at very high cost. This led to the development of Khadi (locally spun cloth by hand weaving) which was developed by the freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi! He understood that the East India Trading company owned by the British Empire entered surruptiously as a trading company and later annexed many places in India and brought them under British Rule. Gandhi saw their tactics and exhorted the people to wear only home spun cotton cloths and eliminate the use of cloths woven in the mills of UK. This is one example, how colonization started. Finally the British had to yield the pressure from Mahatma Gandhi who adopted non-violence means to achieve the Independence. He stood firmly in Truth and Non-violence which the mighty army of Britain could not face in the long run. The British saw reason in the demands for Self-Rule and granted independence to India from Britain.

Thus material wealth was a reason for wars between Nations. Today we find that the ‘oil rich countries are being targeted by other countries under one pretext or another. Hence there is escalation of terrorism in almost all the countries. Due to the scientific inventions which led to the boom in IT sectors enabled instant communications between persons located in various countries separated by long distances. Had there been no invention of the internet, e-mail and mobile communications, the acts of terrorism would be minimal. In one way, the world wars have necessitated modern ways of communication apart from wireless mode. The invention of atom bombs and bomb carriers has led to the destruction of two major cities with almost its entire population. People should learn to live amicably with one another since all are children of God. We posit differences due to geography, race, religion and other reasons. God has created the world only for the peaceful co-existence of all lives. Man with his intelligence can definitely work out for the common peace of all lives. All creations are equal and same. None is superior or inferior. Hence develop mutual love and brotherhood every one of you! We need only peace which is the most valuable commodity in today’s world. Money can never purchase peace. Let us first become peaceful and let the peace slowly spread between person to persons and ultimately towards all.

Human virtues!


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