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The mother of Saibaba, Easwaramba

Updated on September 25, 2011

Easwaramba, a pious woman.

The narration about Saibaba won't be complete unless we tell about the mother, who bore Saibaba. Baba himself has revealed many facets of the personality of his mother. She was humble and down to earth, modest and revered the traditional family values much. She was unassuming and never once she exhibited herself as the mother of incarnation. She always remained in the background. Even when Baba was a baby, she never obstructed other woman of the villages to lift the baby in their bosom and fondle him. In fact, most of the time Saibaba was in the care of one Subbamma, the neighbor. There is one more reason. Subbamma being a Brahmin lady, prepares only vegetarian food in her house. She is a devoted lady but her husband was authoritative being the village in charge. He displayed huge moustach which Brahmins consider a taboo. His ways are never liked by orthodox people. Since Subbamma had no issues, it is natural she was attracted to the baby next door. In fact, most of the time, the baby was in the house of Subbamma. Secondly Baba's immediate family members are in the habit of eating non-vegetarian food in the house, which Baba detested.

In a way, it is Subbamma, who was instrumental in getting a school, a hospital and drinking water supply to the villagers. Several years ago, Saibaba asked his mother, "What are her desires? She never expressed any desire for her. Rather she told Saibaba, "the villagers tread long distances for studies and if a school is located in the village, it would be of much help. Secondly she asked baba to construct a hospital for the treatment of local people. Thirdly, water problem was there. She asked Baba to provide the facility in the village.

Saibaba fulfills mother's wishes!

Initially a general hospital was constructed on the hill top with one Doctor and 12 beds. It was extended to a major general hospital many years after that. In 1991, Baba got constructed a Super Speciality Hospital at Prasanthigram with Free treatment for all. Initially an elementary school was constructed there and to day, Sathya Sai University is located in Puttaparthi giving FREE education to all students from KG to PG level. There are management courses like MBA, MFM and M.Tech courses which are taught free. Students coming out from the portals of the University are in great demand in big industries and establishment. Later Saibaba extended the potable water supply project to entire District in which Puttaparthi is one. Hence all the people owe their gratitude first to the Mother Easwaramba. It was Easwaramba who prevailed upon Saibaba to remain at Puttaparthi and attend to His world Mission. She accompanied Saibaba to several temples in India which Baba sanctified by His Divine presence. She had her own motherly affections for Baba. But Baba slowly made her mind to detach herself from the bonds that bind her. He made her to realize to the fact that Sai is not ordinary human being. He has come for great mission. She merged in the Lord in Bangalore, Whitefield Ashram where Saibaba was conducting Summer Course in Indian culture and spirituality. She was conscious until the last moment and called only Baba! Baba too responded at once and she passed away peacefully on 6th May 1971. Rest in next hub.

Close view of Bhajan hall, Prasanthi Nilayam.


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