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The mysteries of Self and illusory mind!

Updated on June 21, 2017

The Mind and Dream!

How old is our Earth?

Is our earth mere 4.5 billion years old as per the assessment by geologists and astronomers? One thing is certain that time commenced with creation like space and causation! Can you ever imagine what it was like before the creation? There was nothing, absolutely nothing since there was no space or time to induce any causation! Time and space are relative as per Einstein’s theory of relativity! But an observer is a ‘must’ to prove any theory of science! When there was nothing, how comes the role of observer? How do we define creation and cosmos? What is time and space? These are all intriguing questions! Observing the external world, we can say that the time is an interval between two events that takes place in space. It may be a distance covered in space. But some philosophers aver that time and space is mere assumptions by the culprit mind!

Thus said Vivekananda!

The Cinema is a great illusion!

Let us imagine a cinema theatre here. Over the static white screen, the dynamic pictures are projected through the medium of light by a “Projector”. The pertinent question is “whether the cinema is real or illusion? The so called audience will say that the pictures seem very real so long as they are projected on the screen. In cinema there are two major divisions. There are still photographic projections and a ‘movie’ which resembles the movements of beings and animals on earth! In reality, each shot is only a still and our eyes are capable of retaining the images seen for few seconds. Combining these two theories, motion pictures have become a successful business on recreation. If you go to the projection room and view the individual slides on a reel, many films will resemble each other except for some minute movements in limbs and lips. This is not discernible to normal viewers. Only film editors are capable of distinguishing the various scenes correctly and make necessary cuts and attachments. As some of us may be aware, those shootings never take place sequentially. Sometimes the last scenes are shot first according to the convenience and the initial shots relegated to later schedules and hence the role of the Editor is vital in film making!

Einstein said thus...

Cinemas resemble our dreams!

As per the above technique, stills are so made in four second shots so that the films when projected on the screen looks dynamic with all actors moving and speaking as per actual life scenes. In a strict sense, it is only a still photography and not otherwise. A cinema is like a dream during sleep! So long as we are sleeping, the dream lasts. Once we wake up, the dreams end. Dream is a play of mind work. In the sleeping state, the individual lies on the cot without any movement. But in the dream, he visits various places, travel to various countries, interact with friends and lovers, visit hotels and clubs and enjoy the dishes and games! None believes that the dreams are illusions since during that state, everything looks so real and sometimes we are frightened by some unknown fear and runs for our life. Even the body lying on the cot undergoes sweating and there is pounding of heart. In that frightened state, the fear itself wakes up the man. On waking up, he thanks god stating “Ah! It is only a dream!

Escape the mind.

The waking state too is not real.

Now we consider the waking state as real but I can prove it as otherwise. The waking state is real as long as we are waking and once we fall into sleep, the dream state seems very real. Hence it is only an alternating phenomenon on which we cannot rely. Now I will come to an important question! Who is the witness of all the three states viz. waking, dreaming and deep sleep state? The witness is our inner self and not the mind. The mind is active in dreaming and waking state but it is absent in deep sleep state. Hence the self alone persists in all the three states and hence the self alone is real and all else is mere illusion created by the mind! Time, space and causation occur during waking and dreaming state but in deep sleep, nothing is perceived since there is no mind at all. Hence, time, space and causations are mere imaginations of the mind and they were never real.

The Seer is the only Reality. The Seer is the Self. It is mere witness of the phenomena called creation. The mind hides the seer and project the creation! When we nullify the mind with intuitions and inspirations from the Self, the world is mere cinema show for us. We won’t be exalted nor depressed by the various scenes projected by the mind. We have seen that the pure white screen of the cinema hall never undergoes any modifications by the pictures of fire, flood, killings and maiming! It is absolutely unaffected and it is indifferent to the pictures that fall on it. Our inner conscious is the pure white screen which is unaffected by the drama of Life! Once we (the individual self) identify itself with the supreme self, nothing will affect us and we will remain in Eternal Bliss. This state is “Immortality” while the created beings are subject to death and birth!

What we consider as real is only an illusion of the Mind!

Do you believe that the mind is the cause for the so called creation?

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