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The mysteries of the Mind!

Updated on August 30, 2016

Mind is powerful

Mind is imaginary yet powerful.

Mind is a very powerful instrument of human beings. It is tough to tackle the mind and bring it under our control. What is the use of the mind? Bereft of the mind, man will be simply animal species. It is the thinking and discriminating faculties of the mind which distinguishes man from animals and other species. What for man is blessed with the thinking faculty? Though it is difficult to discern the reasons, one clue is this. God, after creating the beautiful universe and various species of animals, birds and insects was not satisfied since none of the above could appreciate the glory and power of god. Hence, he has to create an intelligent species like the human being who can wonder at the magnificent creation and express them in words and songs! We should not infer that god is after ‘fame’. Only human beings crave for fame and fortune! In fact, God is full and there is no lack in him. In fact, he is desire less. There is no attributes in god. He is simply god or almighty! Qualities pertain to creation and not to the creator!

Before creation god existed and he is called ‘self-existing’! No second entity was there. He was all alone and formless, attribute less. None can define him since there was no second to him! Only when there are two, conflicts arise or attachment happens! When there are two, there is jealousy and greed. In fact, comparison comes when there are two! Who is bigger, who is powerful and who is beautiful? First of all, we must remember that He alone existed throughout as ‘nothingness’. Yes, the question of form comes when there is space! When there is nothing apart from him, where is the question of space or form? Now we can understand that the so called creation is a part of HIM. It is the mind which visualizes everything as different and separate! This separateness is the reason for all the chaos we witness in creation! There are conflicts between individuals, between societies, between races, between nationals of different countries, between the shape and complexion and between the genders! The best example is ‘the screen becoming pictures in cinema”. Can we witness the screen during the show? We only witness the show and not the screen. In a similar way, God is not seen but we witness only the creation! This phenomenon is termed as ‘superimposition’. During twilight, we take the coir as snake! This is due to superimposition. It is the imagination of the mind and not real.

Brain or mind!

The cause of creation is the Mind!

Hence, the cause for the entire creation is the ‘mind principle’ which is the greatest conjurer in the world! Hence I said in the beginning that the mind is the most powerful instrument which hides god, and project the universe instead! If some sage affirms that there is no universe and all this are simply imagination of the mind, none will believe this theory! During sleep, we dream. After waking up only we realize that it is dream experience created by the mind! We have not stirred away from our bed or cot. We were lying like logs of wood, unaware of the happenings around us. But we become one with the dream body and undergo multiple dream experiences akin to the waking state! How we dreamt? It is the creation of the mind! When the illusory mind could create a dream universe, why not a waking universe also? We all simply believe the mind and its pranks. Desires activate us which are the results of thoughts that arose! We are attracted to the desires and make all efforts to fulfill the desires!

The best way to escape from the clutches of mind is ‘simply ignore it’. Remain indifferent to its pushes and pulls. We often hear from others, ‘never mind’. What is the real meaning? Though it implies, ‘do not bother about the mind, in reality we should ignore it totally. Then only we can remain in peace. If you are always following the whims and fancies of the mind, there will be restlessness! Hence if one is really concerned with peace and harmony, he should remain indifferent to the thoughts that arise in the mind!

Learn to ignore!

Mind is a mad monkey, do not rely upon it.

Mind is a mad monkey and the body is a water bubble. We know that bubble will burst at any time. The mind is a vagabond, oscillating to the twins of likes and dislikes. Desires and ego causes likes and dislikes. If one is able to subdue the desires, he can control the monkey mind also. Desires arise like the waves in the ocean one after the other! Sometimes furious and at other times with less force! The force of the waves depends upon the wind force! Similarly, the force of desires activates the mind, sometimes very forcefully and sometimes subtly! Lust, anger, and greed feed the desires forcefully. Mind is of outgoing in nature. It is attached to the body and its comforts. It resists hard labor. The mind always craves for rest and relaxation! The mind has a comfort zone! If it is forced out of the comfort zone, it resists vehemently. The best way to quell the mind is ‘stop feeding its desires”. If one desire is fulfilled, the mind won’t remain calm! In a short time, it will breed a new desire! This is the experience of all beings in the world. Hence stop feeding the desires.

We all believe in the waking state! We believe the senses that convey us various inputs like sights, hearing, taste, touch and smell. If we catch cold, we lose the sense of smell. If we are afflicted by Malaria, our tongue loses the capacity to taste and everything tastes bitter only! Hence the sensory inputs are not fully real but subject to certain conditions! Hence we can safely conclude that the universe is relatively real and not absolutely real. In the absolute sense, God or the Almighty alone exists. There is no second entity apart from god!

We are part of the supreme!


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