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The mysterious force which controls all this!

Updated on December 5, 2012

Against the backdrop of the Sun!

Mystries of creation!

What is the force, which keeps all the planets, suspended in space as though weightless balloons? What is the force which programmed the motion of the planets perfectly? Who oversees the traffic in space? We all know that some human effort is needed for making a small stool. First, the raw wood has to be sawn to the required measurements, planned perfectly and different joints are to be made. Then they should be assembled perfectly with wooden nails etc., If so much effort is needed for a small work of a carpenter, how magnificent planning is required to keep every thing in perfect motion without any collision? Many may simply say that it is “nature” which keeps things intact in space.

Again, let us take the case of our bodies. Though we claim them as ‘ours’, we are absolutely ignorant of the various functions that take place inside a human body like the heart beat, movement of blood, the functions of kidneys and how they clean the impurities in the blood and send it back for use by various cells. How miniscule the blood vessels in the eye and other parts. We may sleep but the heart beat and breathing goes on perfectly, otherwise we would be dead! How the body temperature is constantly maintained at 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit? How fevers warn us of some imperfection in system. Again, there is the function of the brain. How sensory inputs are conveyed through nerve cells to the brain. The telecommunication network is really baffling. Many may attribute reasons for the above like electrical pulse, secretions of the glands etc., but who programmed all this in absolute perfection? Not only the human species. There are billions of living beings like animals, birds, fishes and other reptiles. Have we noticed any change in their behavior over centuries? We are also aware of the plant kingdom.

For the sake of classification, there are different disciplines dealing with them like biology, zoology, botany etc. They only deal with how different organs functions within a body and the cell pattern, DNA etc., don’t you feel it baffling? Then, the Ocean systems, geology, atmosphere pressure etc which are controlled by some mysterious force. Even if you call it by any name, there is some mysterious force which conceived all this, set laws for their movement and functions. We need not believe in the force. But, we can not outright reject them as superstitious. The spiritualists call it as God. The rationalists call it as nature and they demand proof for the existence of a supreme force.

The foundation of a building is not seen, yet the massive superstructure can not remain intact without the foundation underneath. Hence, it is not possible to prove everything. We have to infer the existence of the foundation! Likewise we have to infer the existence of a superior power which enabled the entire creation


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