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The mysterious human life on earth!

Updated on March 16, 2015

Very few reach the ultimate goal.

The world is really mysterious. Generations of human beings accepted the mundane life as real and worked for the fulfillment of the mundane desires. Though there was no dearth of wiser people in each age, people seldom listened to their sane council and like goats which fall in a ravine when one goat has led the way, people steeped in ignorance fell down the precipice of hellish experiences by opting to lead mundane lives. Hence we can count the people with wisdom by the fingers of hand in the whole world. Rare do such sages who live their entire life, knew well that the human life is nothing but misery. They try to illumine the mind of few sincere disciples or followers. But the transformation of mind set of mass is left to the incarnations of God. They can create an ocean where there was not even a drop of water. Such is their mighty power.

The one thing about the incarnations is that they never force things to happen. They live their life in such a way that people will copy their behavior in their own life. Once Sathya Saibaba has said, “My Life is My Message”. I remember reading such assertions by Jesus too in Bible. Now let us turn to the transformation part. Why only few people are benefited by the sages and saints? The reason is simple and straight forward. People used to go to rivers for collecting drinking water or for cooking purposes. They can carry only that much the size of the vessel they carry to collect water. Some will carry small pots, some big one, yet some will collect in very small vessels according to their carrying capacity!

Second thing is ‘for quenching our thirst, we need only a glass full of water! Once our thirst is quenched, we won’t try to drink more water. Hence those people who have the thirst for spiritual wisdom benefit in proportion to their need to quench their spiritual thirst. Once, Saibaba has made a poignant comment. He said, “There are millions of people all over the world who seek spirituality. Out of those millions, a few thousand people really strive in spiritual path. Out of the thousands, few hundreds progress on spiritual path. Finally one or two will stick to their aim and one may reach God ultimately. Yes, to walk on spiritual path is walking on a sharp razor. It must be a focused effort, with one pointed attention. There should be nothing to distract our attention. Neither wealth, nor progeny or fame should obstruct our efforts. Our mind must be filled only with the thought of God and none else!

When we go through the pages of history and read the life of saints and sages from all over the world, we understand that only a few made it ultimately like Buddha, Mahavir, Nanak, Prophet Mohammad and many unknown entities of past era. Only after great renunciation and efforts, they could make it. People who love others selflessly can reach the Divine quickly than others. Jesus Christ lived amongst us around 2000 years ago and sacrificed his body and life at the crucifix to atone the sins of many people on earth. Jesus took it upon his own frail body, the sins of many. This is the greatest sacrifice. He never harbored anger at those who perpetrated this heinous crime.

Buddha sacrificed the comforts of palace, union with his family for the sake of learning Truths about human life. Ultimately he took it to the begging bowl, meditating for many years under a Bodhi tree to obtain wisdom. Finally he obtained “Nirvana” which is equivalent to freedom or moksha or liberation as per our understandings. It is written that he died of poisoned meat given to him by somebody. They never consider their bodies as real. They willingly undergo the sufferings through the body and their equanimity is never disturbed! Only after going through their illustrious life histories, human conscience starts evolving for higher truths. Man slowly learns from his mistakes and short comings. He understands by experience that the life on earth is full of riddles and grief. The mundane pleasures of the senses never satisfy the hunger for the SELF. One day, he too turns towards Godward path through wisdom and merge in God conscience after going beyond the dualities of creation!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 3 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you manatita44!

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 3 years ago from london

      Nice message and excellent use of different men of God to illustrate your point. Salaam!