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The Name of the Lord is Encouragement

Updated on October 22, 2011

strengthen the mind

The name "Believer" have been the name coined for those who trust in the Sovereign God. Often, when there is a breach between Believers, the sovereign God, in His omniscience, will send one called the “Encourager” to go in among the Believers and repair the breach devised by the enemy so that His people may continue to be nourished by his peace.

God is a Spirit and they that worship God must worship him in Spirit and in Truth. Therefore we see that the source of encouragement is supernatural but with tangible manifestations. The encourager then comes to strengthen the mind of the believers in an assembly so that the old “waste places” are built up and the fallen countenance of God’s people is restored.

Just as Nehemiah, cup bearer to king Artaxerxes, received favor from the Lord to rebuild the broken down walls of Jerusalem and was an encouragement to the city, likewise, God will send a "sent one" with a word that will unveil the mind of God for their lives, to rebuild the broken down places of their mind and to fortify their “city”.

The enemy had planned that by his continual bombardment of your “city” that you would wave the flag of surrender but what he fail to remember is that you are in covenant with the God who made heaven and earth who promised you that he will always make for you a way of escape.

Just because you may have fallen prey to the wiles of the enemy (Eph.6:11) does not mean that the war is over neither does it means that he has won for the battle belongs to the Lord.

In the book of Daniel 7:21,22 it states that, “I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them;
22 Until the Ancient of days came, and judgment (justice) was given to the saints of the most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom

Some battles we have had to hide ourselves for it was not our appointed time to fight and others we have we have not prevailed in because of ignorance and rebelliousness.

We foolishly thought we knew the answer and would not follow the wise instructions of our leaders.

We thought we had arrived and that our leaders aught to be listening to us more intently because we had the word of the Lord.

But how many of you know that anything with two heads is a monster. And so we have “monster saints” going up and down the halls and the pew of our assembly’s, spreading toxic venom into the hearts of God’s people.

But this is what the Lord God says, “Their blood will I require at your hands! Ezek.3:17-19

We see this in Korah and Abiram – Numbers16:1, 29

Respect for God’s leaders

God wants to maintain respect for His leaders. God’s leaders carry His anointing and so God demands order and reverence for his anointing.

When we reverence God we established God’s order which will persuade men to fasten their attention on the glory of God and not on themselves. Many are won into the kingdom by mere association with those of whom they observe order.

They will observe your lifestyle and the order of God’s government in your life so much so, that it will inspire them to say, “Give me some of that, I want some of what you have!

Rejection also shows itself outwardly,

  1. perfectionism
  2. irresponsibility
  3. lack of self discipline
  4. hostility, abusive
  5. inability to express feelings

For example, Jacob was born with a given name of supplanter, deceiver, trickster and con man. The world would say that he was a jinx man. How could any normal man call his son a trickster or a deceiver? He lived true to his name and he was his father’s regret for his mother had him to con his father out of the blessing he had imagined for Esau. He was chased from his house because of trickery to his uncle Laban who con Jacob into marrying his eldest daughter. Then again he lost his son Joseph because of the envy of his sons. He had been so fragmented that when he went to Egypt as a request of his son Joseph, he told Pharaoh that he was 130 years old and that “few and evil have the days of my life been” but thanks be to God for from Joseph came encouragement for his soul(Gen.47:9). Because of Joseph he was encouraged; mind strengthened, established, fortified and so that he could prevail over future events in his life.

Encouragement brought the priest and the nation into a new day.

2Chron.35:2 Josiah keeps a most solemn Passover. The scripture says,

1 Moreover Josiah kept a passover unto the LORD in Jerusalem: and they killed the passover on the fourteenth day of the first month.
2 And he set the priests in their charges, and encouraged them to the service of the house of the LORD

Josiah gave the priest some thing to do. He made it possible for them to fulfill their calling.

When you are unable to do that which the Lord has assigned then you will be in disarray.

In other words, when you are not in the middle of your call then you are in the middle of your weakness. But because of the spiritual governmental order being restored by king Josiah, the whole nation was abundantly blessed.


a) Encouragement will be a healing balm Mat. 9:2

b) Encouragement will cast off the “mess” and allow you to receive from God.

c) Encouragement will give you direction Acts 23:11

d) Encouragement will defend you Ex. 14:13

e) Encouragement will mark your way for success Isa.40:31

f) Encouragement will bring you joy Acts 27:22

g) Encouragement will give you access to the throne of God


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