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The old music box

Updated on November 15, 2012

Once upon a time there was a craftsman. He loved making beautiful furniture pieces that were unique and sophisticated. Out of all he created he had a special collection he could not part with. In that collection was a beautifully crafted music box. Not only did it play sweet music but he also kept special treasures in it like jewelry.

One day the man died. His inheritor placed no sentimental value on the prized possessions of the old man and the box was auctioned off with the rest of his things. The box made its way to a dusty attic. From being something that was appreciated and enjoyed, it went unnoticed and unuseful.

Something acquires value when possessed by someone whom appreciates it. You where skillfully made by the Allmighty. Not only does your life play a melody only you can play, but he places unique gifts in everyone of us. Satan, whom rules this land places little value on you. He would like nothing else but to hide you off somewhere so you are not heard or become of value.

To be truly appreciated and valued you must place your life in the hands of the one who will put value in you, that my friends is Jesus. Enough with the destruction of humanity through the enemy of our souls. Come out of hiding, play your music for the one who created you, and display His treasures proudly child of God.


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