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David was a hero

Updated on April 3, 2015

Goliath was killed by him


King Saul and his army cheered and chased after the enemy.

Three of David's brothers were in Saul's army. One day, David was sent by his father to take some food for these brothers in the camp. David was just in time to hear Goliath shouting, `I dare you, I dare anyone to fight me!

Afraid everyone , no one moved, David talked with some of the soldiers. The giant too big. We should not let him get away with trying to bully us like this'.

`You are too big for your boots, David,' said his brothers. `Stay out of this you are only fourteen. Leave us, men fight this giant. Now go away.'

David did go away - king Saul himself!

`O king, I will fight with Goliath. I am not scared!'

`My son, you are but a youth and he has a long been a man of war', replied King Saul, a little taken aback.

`I keep the sheep for my father,' David answered,' and when a lion took a lamb from the flock, I want after him, fought and smote him. God gave me the strength to fight that lion and the same God will help me fight our enemy. Allow me to fight him'.

So Saul said,' Go then and the Lord be with you.

The king clothed David in his armour, put a helmet of bronze on his head and gave him his own sword. But David was not used to these heavy things.

`I hardly walk. I cannot go in these', he said. He took them off and put on his own clothes.

David took his strong stick and went down to the brook. He choose five smooth round stones, put them inside his shepherd's bag and drew near to where the enemy was camped.

`What's this?' the giant roared, when he saw David. `Am I a dog that you come to me with a stick?'

`I come to you in the name of God', replied the young lad.

David ran force and hit on chest and then took the giant's sword out of its sheath and immediately cut off his head. After struggled, Goliath was killed by him.

When the enemy saw that their champion was killed, they took to their heels.

King Saul and his army cheered and chased after the enemy. The people of Israel blessed David . They came out of the city to greet and congratulate Kings Saul. There was much singing and dancing and great rejoicing.


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