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The pitfalls of leading sensuous life!

Updated on March 11, 2016

Sight consumes half of brain activity!

Senses are poisonous snakes!

All fascination of life erupts through the senses. Imagine someone with vision failure. He is deprived of seeing the external world which attracts all the senses together. In a way, though he has lost a vital sensory input, philosophically he has saved himself from the attractions of the world to a great extent. In a way, he is likely to gain more peace since he escapes the clutches of vision trap. Of course, I can understand the feeling of visually impaired persons. It is cruel to live without the aid of vision. Hence he relies more on the power of hearing, smelling, talking and touching.

In a similar manner, with the depravation of each sense, man loses one faculty bestowed by god. But, remember that the one with hearing failure escapes from the agitations caused by irrelevant talks and negative comments. Thirdly, if one loses the power of speech, he is saved from useless talks, lies and scandal mongering. I don’t say that one should be deprived of these vital senses. No, on the contrary I am only listing the benefits of not able to see, hear and talk. We are all slaves to the senses and entangle ourselves in the world more and more. Hence, those who are handicapped with vision failure, hearing impaired and dumb are in a way fortunate than those who possess it. There is less likely that they will be troubled by the misleading senses and its traps.

I wish all the people hale and healthy without any impairment so that they can use those faculties for serving the unfortunate brothers in society. A poet saint, Surdas has become blind. But he was happily singing the pranks of Lord Krishna and he accosts the people to express, “what is the use of eyes, if it is not able to enjoy the beautiful forms of Krishna? It would be better, it becomes blind instead of looking at vile scenes which makes us to desire for irrelevant things and fading beauties. The main sin of the eye is looking at others with sinful ideas and thoughts. Lust is the most deadly sin; one easily falls due to faulty vision! In the same vain, Surdas sang, ‘what is the use of ears, if they are not able to hear the episodes of Krishna or songs of Krishna? The ears of those who hear scandal and calumny are mere appurtenances. In a similar manner, if one is not able to chant the names of god and use it to spread gossip, it would be better if it remains dumb! These are all the anguishes of great devotees of the past.

Nowadays, the youth of the world are always hooked to film songs or inappropriate contents on the net or watching porn videos. God has blessed man with all these senses, so that it could be put into the highest use; i.e. seeing the forms of god, hearing its glory and talking about the greatness of god. Hence, in a way, there is nothing wrong in the contentions of those saints. They knew well that the human life is granted for the sole aim of reaching the Divine. Hence we should avoid leading an animal life, since animals are using their senses and limbs for merely thriving in the world. They don’t possess any sense of discrimination. They just act as per their instincts and there is no change in thelife styles of animals for millions of years. But, man, in spite of possessing thinking mind and discriminating capacity use them only for performing evil deeds.

The only aim of the present day society seems to be earning wealth by hook or crook. Enjoying the sensual pleasures fully and living a comfortable luxurious life. They don’t care about human virtues like Truth, selfless love, non violence, righteousness and peace. But, even in this dark age of Kali, there is handful of holy persons in each society. They follow the dictates of the scriptures of their religion and follow meticulously all the bounden duties enjoined there.

It is only due to the presence of such holy souls, rainfall happens, crops produce grains and cattle yield copious milk. It is enjoined on all human beings to lead virtuous life, adhere to righteous ways and abandon violence in any form. Then only, the future society can live in peace and joy!

Five senses causes havoc in any being!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 23 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Yes, it is true. Practice is always better than theory. Thank you!

    • Abhimanyu gaur profile image

      Kshitiz Gaur 23 months ago from India

      Every word in this article is nothing but the naked truth but unfortunatley hard part is walking on the path of truth but with god's blessings everything is possible even in this age.