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The power of Philosophy in human life!

Updated on October 26, 2016

Plato's thoughts

Why philosophy?

Philosophy is a way of life! How philosophy helps anyone? Philosophy enables one to face life squarely on its face. If life is perceived as a riddle, philosophy solves it. Philosophy ensures peace and happiness to those who practice! For all this to happen, one must have deep faith in the scriptures which proclaims various philosophical theories. Why there are various levels of philosophy? It is natural. People are of different mentalities and character. To suit each, different kinds of philosophies emerged! A person might be interested in materialism. For him, the philosophy of dualism will suit. Those who turn to god or some higher source, qualified dualism will suit. For those who have deep faith in the self or atman, “Monism” or non-dual philosophy will suit.

Most of the people in the world recognize duality and they feel separate from the rest. They are deeply rooted in ‘body consciousness. Such people lead their life based on the whims of their mind. The mind will mostly distract the people from their real aim. The world is filled with people who are deeply immersed in the illusory life. They always seek sensual pleasures. They are attached to wealth and women. When they are confronted with insurmountable obstacles in their life, they turn to god. Two categories of people seek god for fulfillment of their wishes. One is deeply tormented by the troubles of life and another is seekers of wealth and properties. God fulfills their desires according to their destiny. The third category is seekers of wisdom who are known as ‘jijnasu’. The fourth category is self-realized souls who need no guidance from the Almighty. Hence god allows them to fend themselves. For the first three categories of people, he dispenses help as per their faith in him.

The purpose of human sufferings

Annihilation of created beings has a purpose in God's plan.

Here, we may think that there are many rationalists in the world who have no faith in god. But their numbers are small compared to all the above four categories. One day, even an ‘atheist’ may turn to god due to some unforeseen events which shake him to the core. Again, god never neglects even an atheist. His needs are fulfilled irrespective of the fact he does not believe in god. It is like rainfall which never differentiates between people. It pours over an area covering all the people living there. In addition it quenches the needs of plants and grass, animals and birds and other living organisms. This is termed as ‘all embracing love’ of god. In fact, in the Bagawat Geetha, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna, “Nirdeshya Sarvabutanam” –not to hate any in the world. Hence Jesus also proclaimed, “Love your enemies’! In course of time, the love itself will bring a transformation in the mindset of people who hate others. Love is the basis of creation, though love, it is sustained and final annihilation happens due to the pure love of god towards creation. If we examine the present status of life of majority of human beings, many would wish the end of sufferings. In fact, annihilation of created beings enables relief from the protracted sufferings they undergo in this world.

We view the large scale destruction of many living beings with sorrow. But the fact is that they will get great relief once they are rid of a particular life on earth. This gives them a fresh chance once again on earth without any past memories of grief and suffering they had undergone! God is mercy in deleting the earlier memories of each being as and when they are born once again. If we keep those memories of past birth, then our life would be a veritable hell. We never comprehend god’s way of justice. He has given human beings a free will to undertake any tasks. Many people follow the whimsical mind enslaved by the pleasures of the senses. The wise among them chose a different route. They know sensual life will lead them to perdition and finally to hell. Not only that, a man deeply addicted to the senses will lose his precious health and thinking capacity. This is the main reason why drunkards are shunned by society

Jesus sacrificed himself for all

Pure, selfless Love is the mightiest weapon!

None will feel pity upon them. The world over, many pious families suffered the atrocities of drunken husband and father and their life turned to veritable hell. Can we point out a single case where a drunkard is honored ever? Similar is the case with gamblers and womanizers. Society and culture are based on morality and hence immoral people are never respected anywhere in the world. Though the overall condition of human society is in a deplorable state, human values are always respected and cherished.

Even cinemas depict a good hero pitted against vile villain. The onlookers will always anticipate the hero to succeed in the final rounds since basically all beings cherish noble qualities everywhere! Why Jesus is honored and worshipped by majority of world population? It is his supreme sacrifice for the sake of people on the Cross. He had no personal ambitions. He had come to correct the mindset of people. At the same time, none will honor a cruel dictator. Even people will shy away in naming their children after a dictator! Dictators made the people to obey them due to the tough punishment meted out to their distractors. The dictator will physically harm people whereas a Prophet will mentally elevate the people and give them solace and sustenance! Also the dictators mostly end their life themselves fearing arrest by enemies. But Jesus was crucified for NO sins of him but for the sins of the people. He willingly suffered crucifixion, for the sake of people. This is the fundamental difference between a god loving soul vs a cruel dictator.

Selfless love is the mightiest weapon in the world. No atom bomb can be equal to the selfless love exhibited by incarnations of god, prophets and sages. Hence Gandhi could win Independence for India with his weapon “Ahimsa” or Non-violence. If we develop human virtues, no need to correct anyone on the earth. The virtues of each and every one will transform the earth into Paradise!

The philosophy of Jainism.

Philosophy as a way of Life.

Do you believe, philosophy will aid human life?

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