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The problem with films

Updated on May 27, 2010

The problem with films...

Whenever I read something to do with a conspiracy theory or a paranormal activity it is often written in a way that allows at least a part of me to believe to theory or event. Whether it be that the end of the world will be in 2012, the New World Order or alien exist regularly visit this planet and have crashed somewhere in New Mexico.

A well written conspiracy theory will base most of its conclusions on relatively well researched facts and will take a very matter of fact approach, often pointing out inconstancies with conventionally accepted beliefs. It will also force the reader to ask his or herself questions to which there are no answers. The best example of this is probably the existence of Aliens. the conspiracy theorist will show evidence of debris of 'unknown origin', will highlight reports that have offer no conclusive evidence that an event wasn't an alien encounter, and most of all will use logic to convince the reader (and would be believer) that aliens exist - There are billions of stars in the universe, if even half of them had orbiting planets that would mean there are billions upon billions of planets in the universe. It is logical/common sense to say that life has evolved on at least some of these planets. It would be arrogant of mankind to think its self unique. If you then think of out own technological advances it is again logical to believe that some alien races have reached further levels of advancement than us. It is only just over 100 years that the airplane was flown. In that time we have sent rockets to the edge of our own solar system and have landed man on the moon (supposedly). Surely it would only take a civilization to be 200 years further advanced than to expect exploration of the stars - not long when compared to the evolution of man. Therefore it is logical to only believe in Aliens but also to believe they have the capability of visiting earth.

However... I do not believe in a theory that is the plot of a sci fi fantasy film! Independence Day, Close Encounters, Contact, Mars Attacks! All have the premise that we are not alone, and I believe this allows critics of conspiracy theories to use them as ammunition against the believer. Up until last year the idea of the world ending in 2012 was not a widespread theory - although the 'evidence' has been around to thousands of years. However, as soon as the film comes out the theory becomes popular. People believe because of the media not because they have reviewed the facts.

Whether you believe in the yeti, ghosts, vampires or the lost civilization of Atlantis, you only have until it receives the Hollywood treatment till you start sounding like a paranoid psychotic. 



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