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The quest for Eternal Happiness is possible only through human birth!

Updated on August 6, 2016

Images of destruction

Evolution contains destruction too!

The theory of evolution presupposes theory of destruction too. We cannot isolate creation from the impending theory of destruction! How long created beings can be sustained, with what results? Aging is a natural process in evolution. Not only have human beings, each species in the created universe undergone periodic destruction by various means. It may be diseases that lead to death in respect of human beings apart from natural disasters like floods, fire, earthquakes and volcanoes. Also the spread of epidemics like cholera and other deadly diseases spelt death nail to many thousands. In addition, famine and wars were the causes for millions of deaths during the world wars. Hence destruction is a natural process associated with creation! People fear death, people despise death but it is an inevitable occurrence. If one contemplates, death need not be mourned but welcomed. We do not grieve over the death of many insects like ants and mosquitoes. We are not bothered about the death of wild as well as docile animals. We mourn only when milk animals die since it is a loss of wealth!

Imagine a situation when there is some death in the town and we casually view that information. If one of your neighbors dies, you are concerned a little. When someone in the family dies, we become inconsolable! Why? We are not attached to the people in the town, we are attached a little to neighbors, but we are deeply attached to the members of the family. Here, the sense of ‘my’ and ‘mine’ erupts. Hence the cause of distress and suffering could be attributed to the sense of mine in all. Hence the ancient sages were contemplating on this particular issue in order to remain happy forever. All things of the world ultimately lead one to grief, if not today at a later date. The things of the world are never capable of giving perennial bliss to any. Be wealth or properties, possessions like cars and other luxuries, personal relationships, all these change over the course of time. The newly wed may be happy for a day or two at the maximum. As time passes, the true colors of both come up revealing their negative traits. Even the flowers that bloom in the morning fade by night. One poet has asked the boys to look at the girls as soon as they get up from the bed! Yes, everything is made up. We are aware that our bodies are kept in position due to the skeleton frame. Otherwise we will fall down as worn out dresses. The creator has made us presentable with the skeleton, muscles and nerves. The skin covers the inside and gives a presentable and colorful appearance. Hence the young and old are easily enchanted with the make up by the creator on the body!

Projections of Divine!

Cow is holier than human!

If we ponder a little deep, what the human body contains? It is pus and plasma, dust and phlegm, urine and fasces. Even a cow is adored and the cow dung has many curative properties. Hence in India, cow dung was used for many purposes since it contains anti-virus and antibacterial properties. In ancient fire rituals practiced in India, the smoke emanating from the ritual fire destroys contamination of natural air. It is pertinent to note here that many inmates of houses where the fire ritual was performed survived the gory Bhopal gas tragedy that occurred few years ago in India. All the products like cow dung, urine, milk, curd and ghee are holy and the mixture of the five known as “Panchakavya” is used in the cure of many serious diseases like Eclipsy and many nervous disorders.

In fact, the cow is worshiped as goddess in Hindu tradition. But consider the body of human being. Once life leaves, it is cast aside. But once a cow dies, all the parts of cow including the skin are utilized for various purposes. In percussion instruments, the skin is used. The only benefit of being a human is the chance to attain the Divine realization. Even the devas are not qualified to reach the Divine, unless they get one chance to take birth as a human being.

Remembering and forgetting

We need to be born again and again until we become zero effect!

Some people fancy that this is the only birth and on death, the soul won’t be born again. First of all, we need to understand the theory of cause and effect. The very birth as a human being is the result of past karma unspent. There are many dues which are not settled in the previous birth. First of all, none can escape their past karma unless one goes through their effects. Debts, enmity and murder are the three main causes for which everyone has to account for. One may escape from a man who has lent us money, one may even escape from strong enemies and one may run away from the heinous crime of killing. But the results will haunt us even if we die. These balance karmas trigger a suitable birth in which the sins of the past has to be undergone. We notice that some innocent man is caught by the police and charged with murder. Though he might not have committed the particular murder, it is the past sin which triggered his arrest. One may die as a martyr for his country. In some way or other, the past effect needs to be undergone. In order to get rid of future births, one needs to become zero. He should have no more merits or sins for which he has to account for.

This condition is known differently in different religions like ‘salvation, Nirvana, Moksha, emancipation and self-realization. The entire destiny as above is possible only through human births! Due to past merits, the demigods enjoy heaven for a considerable period of time and once all their enjoyments in heaven is over, they are pushed back to earth to work out for their salvation. Likewise the sinners undergo much grief and torture and once their sins are absolved by the sufferings, they take birth on earth to work out their salvation! Hence, the human birth is considered lucky even by Devas.


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