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The REAL Gospel Of Jesus Christ!

Updated on February 9, 2016


This place is in Polly Ground Jamaica. It's a bar called "NICE"! I'm always there...
This place is in Polly Ground Jamaica. It's a bar called "NICE"! I'm always there...


Yes SoulJAH (part II)

For Ramon S. Jobson 11/10/1991 - 24/05/2005

(Article written: October 23, 2010)

Yes SoulJAH, when your Mother told me that you had died in a car accident, I was devastated. I had not seen you since you were a baby and frankly, I did not know what to do. Your Mom was crying, so I comforted her; but truly it was as if someone else was acting, as if I was somewhere else watching the scene. I raged against the Fates that separated you and I before we could have gotten together. Hell, I still grieve – nobody should have to outlive their child, too much pain kid!

Is there anything left? I only know that there were things I had to tell you my elder son when we finally linked up. I tailored my research based on what your Mother told me about you, (much of what I heard made me very proud by the way). Now if I follow the thinking of those around me, all this knowledge is useless…

Nothing about you will be wasted however my son, not if I have anything to do with it. So the new plan is to write down the things that I learned and tell the world. Even though we were separated for most of your life, my love for you was absolute and unconditional. I could have turned my grief and anger on your Mother (the bearer of the bad news), but what good would that do? It is preferable in times of crisis to act and think positively rather than negatively. Wherever you are now remember, it is better to build than to destroy. So I’ll share your legacy with the world, hopefully, I’ll make enough money to build you a shrine. LOL.

You were raised as a Christian. I don’t approve. There are several basic concepts in Christianity that are illogical and outright falsehoods. If one believes them it gives rise to low self-esteem and early death. Certain fundamental rules that govern the universe are ignored so you essentially become a slave to sin and shame, (the very thing the Bible says Christ came to remove). I don’t know if you had started to rebel from Christianity, my children invariably do, but you and I were not acquainted, I certainly hope so… but then hope is not enough.

In this article I will attempt to decipher the message of the Bible to make it clear to the reader how the clergy tampered with Christ’s message. B.I.B.L.E.: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, right? Well my son Ramon, you have died, but you have not left earth, there is nowhere to go, the choice is to live or to die … on Earth. Nowhere to go.

The "Meat" of the Matter

Anyway, the Bible! I want to focus the reader on the book of Genesis. You only have to read the first few chapters to realize that the preachers are engaging in a significant amount of bullshitting. So we are in Eden, this is a garden where every kind of tree is growing. The first pair of humans is placed there and the male is given specific instructions. Let me quote Moses, “Of every tree you may eat your fill with the exception of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, because if you eat from this tree, you will die.

Now I’m kinda slow, so I had to ask myself when I read this bit, “What would be the effect of this tree?”

Well no one answered me, but the answer came anyway, this tree gives the eater the ability to distinguish between what is good and what is evil. Now if I am reading correctly, God does not want Man to have this ability, it goes further – if a Man does gain this ability, apparently the Creator does all in his power to ensure that this person dies.

I have been articulating this opinion for a while now; most people either don’t agree or misunderstand. I might also add that they keep getting sick and dying. When I confront them with this fact they quote the Bible, “it is appointed to Man once to die…” So obviously their Savior failed. After all Christ himself said that his mission involved Man gaining life more abundantly. Where in Heaven, Earth or Hell is that abundant life? No my friend, Christ failed! The church made sure of that.

Unless I was missing something, what if until Man gave up his illicit knowledge of evil, death would continue? Hmmm… Christ did say that death would be the last enemy to be conquered, and everyone agrees that people need to repent. But repent of what? I know, people need to repent that they know what is evil, nobody knows what is evil except God the Father, and the Father has shared the knowledge with no one. Jesus in his incarnation as a human being did not know what was evil. I defy any preacher, pastor or Christian scholar to prove me wrong in this. All I need to see is ONE example of Christ calling something evil and I will shut up! My argument is that if Christ does not know, neither does the Holy Spirit. Only God the Father knows and he has not addressed the subject.

So where are we? Yes. Death is caused by someone knowing what is evil. You the reader can reason out the rest of it. Humans were created to guard against the entry of evil into creation. But since there is no evil present here, it is really a joke. People should have nothing to do but eating fruits, drinking wine, being fruitful and multiplying; having a good time in other words. Yep! This place was set up for Man’s retirement. But with the entry of the consciousness of evil into the mind of humans comes the need to do something about it. (Work in other words) Hard work brings stress which brings on disease which brings on death.

Now notice that I said that evil entered the consciousness of Man. The Bible bears me out. Genesis 6:5 says “And God saw that the wickedness of Man was great in the Earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually”. So if I understand implication, the only thing that can be evil is your imagination.

Now understand, your imagination is made of nothing. That is as far as evil can come. Evil cannot translate into reality. God made everything (or Reality), proof from evil, but if you imagine that things are evil; your body, which is governed by your brain, reacts accordingly. So that is the trick that Satan played on the original pair, he made them suspect that something was evil but he did not tell them what. So, it became a guessing game, everyone seems to understand that most things are good; but there is that lingering suspicion that something is evil… no one can rest with that suspicion in their heads, so we start to guess.

Adam’s guess was nakedness. There have been other guesses since then, adultery and homosexuality; as if it is possible to have illegal sex between consenting adults. Skin lightning and other forms of adornment: as if we can change the fact that we are human beings. Murder; as if anyone can actually lengthen or shorten the duration of someone else’s existence. Money: as if a means of exchange is not absolutely necessary… and so on.

No man, understand. Everything is good and nothing is not evil, if you wrap your mind around that concept you solve the problem of dying for yourself. The universe will go out of its way to ensure you’re your continued health, wealth and happiness. This I promise you.

So we come to other stuff, when Man fell, his knowledge was lost. Now knowledge is the first step on the road to happiness and then on to perfection, so it was necessary to reclaim that knowledge. Some cute little genius thought of the fundamental knowledge questions that would grant Man the ability to ascend mentally and rise out of the mire into which he had fallen. There were five questions initially; each one was the cause for religions to arise. The questions and the religions they inspired are as follows:

  1. Who am I? - Egyptian Mysticism, Rastafarianism and Hinduism
  2. Where am I? - Judaism, Bahai etc.
  3. Where am I from? - Buddhism, Taoism etc.
  4. Where am I going? - Christianity (with all its denominations)
  5. Who sent me? - Islam and Zoroastrianism

The World of the Gospel

Logic and Mathematics

Now let me address these questions, if one reads carefully and widely, the answers become apparent. Check it, “Who am I?” Psalms 82:6 says “you are Gods”. Now image and likeness implies that Humans are the identical sort of lifeform that the Creator is. So, when the Christians say that people are not God they are implying that the Creator is not God.

Now almost no Christian can say “I am GOD”. They deny their divinity and in doing so divorce themselves from the Creator. They do not seem to understand that to say “I am not God” is to automatically sentence themselves to death and to keep the cycle of sin in place. Of course, Christians know where they are going and will tell you at the drop of a hat. They are going to heaven. They do not however, know where Heaven is… I wish to solve this for them.

For this purpose, let us revisit Genesis. This time chapter 1:6-8, verse 6 says “and GOD said, let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters and let is divide the waters from the waters”. Now crew, the modern word for firmament is sky. But even so this is misleading because in modern usage, the sky is indefinite and includes where the stars are. So “firmament is actually a part of the sky, a very small and specific part. The subsequent verse deals with that. Verse 7 says:

And GOD made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament, and it was so.

Ahhh! Now understanding comes, there is water above the firmament and water under it. Now what would be the waters above the firmament? The clouds obviously, why? The clouds are the only waters above the ground and in the sky. There is no water further up or closer down. Now what would be the waters under the sky? Well, we are down here so we know, the rivers, lakes, ponds, seas and oceans! Aha! So the firmament is that part of the sky which divides the clouds from the bodies of water on the surface of the planet. Pardon the illustration, but what we have is something like this…

HEAVEN! According to Genesis chapter 1: 6-8

Answers the Clergy Hides!

Now please notice, there you are in the firmament. On the Earth but in the firmament, until people start living under the sea or out in space, everyone has to make do with living under the clouds and above sea level. That there ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of firmament. So it is settled, we live in the firmament. Well check it out, verse 8 says, “and God called the firmament Heaven” Capital H.

So where people live is where the Creator names Heaven. This makes sense to me, Genesis 2:7 says:

And the Lord GOD formed Man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and Man became a living soul

This means to me that the Creator breathes just as human beings do (image and likeness). Well oxygen is under the clouds. When one gets above the clouds there is very little oxygen. So Heaven is where the oxygen is and that is where we are. I guess pastors and preachers don’t study geography or earth science. As a result they don’t know that the above verses are describing a layer of the atmosphere called the “troposphere”. People live in the troposphere and this is a word equivalent in meaning to firmament.

Therefore, if I was translating Genesis 1:6-8, it would go something like this:

6: And God said, “Let there come to be a troposphere between the clouds and the sea, and let it divide the clouds from the sea.

7: And God made the troposphere, and divided the sea which was under the troposphere from the clouds which were above the troposphere; and it was so.

8: And God called the troposphere Heaven. And the evening and the morning was the second day.

With this information, we can now revisit the five questions and answer them like beings endowed with reason and intelligence.

  1. Who am I? - GOD
  2. Where am I? - Heaven
  3. Where am I from - Heaven
  4. Where am I going? - I am not going anywhere
  5. Who sent me - GOD

You see friends, when Man fell the Godhead adjusted. I believe that the Father became Satan. Christ had to come as a normal human and live a sinless life and be executed. It is with the shedding of Christ’s innocent blood that Man’s redemption was sealed. You see, with the death of his beloved and incomparable Son, the Father had to exert his divine authority over death. He couldn’t do it as Satan so he had to return to his original position as leader of the Godhead. So Christ did not fail! Upon his resurrection, Creation was restored to its previous condition of Grace. It’s just that the world was in such a deplorable condition that some amount of mopping up operations had to take place. A couple thousand years is not that long for someone who has existed for multiple eternities, believe me.

Can I prove what I am writing? You betcha! Check. Satan is the Father of lies right? Now what was the big lie? The KJV puts it this way, “ye shall not surely die.” Now consider, people claim to know that this was a lie because of the state of the world today… people dying left and right. Well I say to all zealots. “LEARN TO READ PROPERLY BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO SPEAK”. To whom did the threat of death hang over? Adam I say. To whom did the serpent speak? Eve. Now here is a general knowledge question. How old was Eve when she died?

Proof that Satan lied... right?

Aha! Nobody will be able to answer that question because the Bible does not say… but there is more, why does it not say? I mean, the Bible is essentially a record of the lives and deaths of a set of people. For every major player in the Bible, there is an account of how he/she exited the life drama. What about the instigator of sin? How come the Bible does not detail her death? Is it possible that she did not die? It is not as far-fetched as you might think. Eve came out of Adam before sin. She was therefore a perfect creature, not a victim of the flaw of sin that Adam imparted to his descendants. One may wish to consider the following table.

The basic roles of the members of the Human Family

Is the source of
This table is used in five percenter teaching on the inner city streets of the United States. I was first exposed to it while hustling on the streets of Brooklyn, New York.

Finally Brethren! LOL!

The mother (in this case Eve), is the source of wisdom. Genesis 3:6 tells that the tree in question was to make one wise. So being that she was created wise, it is entirely possible that the tree had absolutely no effect on her. The source of knowledge (Adam) however, was warped beyond recognition. He used to love God, but now after knowing what was evil; he hid himself and fled from his Creator’s presence. In more contemporary words, he lost his reason, his sanity, he descended into madness.

Furthermore, if the knowledge of evil had changed Eve, Adam would not have indulged. It is precisely because the “tree” had no effect on his wife that the first man was compromised. He died, but I am willing to wager my entire inheritance that Eve is still alive, well and young today.

See, most people miss the most essential part of the lesson when they read. Adam should have immediately, upon God identifying the trees, chosen life! Had he done that, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil would have been moot. When Adam did not immediately choose life, he was guilty of sin then, even though he had not yet committed. Remember, God knows the thoughts and the heart of Man. Adam couldn’t hide, so God allowed Satan to push him over the edge.

Evil is an illusion. It is not a man-made illusion though. Illusions made by God can take on the very fabric of reality. So why did Jesus have to die? Well most Christians know that Christ was the second Adam. This however, does not reveal to them that Adam was the first Christ! That people can’t figure these things out does not fail to amaze me. Christ had to die for his original failing and as his children; we are faced with the same choices.

Oh! My son! The conversations we would have had on this and myriad other subjects. I regret and weep for your dying even now. I am not sure if it will ever improve, or if I want it to. But in the midst of death there is LIFE! And while the dead sleep, the living must continue to fight. I live with the hope that one day I will see you alive and happy in the bosom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May he receive your soul. Rest in Peace.

Much and whole heaps of love,


Follow up comments

Did you enjoy and comprehend this article. Is it as logical as I claim? Do you find any flaws in my reasoning? Feel free to comment at length. I always welcome feedback, and I promise I will respond in a complete and honest manner. Don't be afraid to be critical, Corey is a big boy now. He needs to learn to take the heat! Thank you for reading.

A quick test of comprehension.

Where according to the text and Genesis 1:6-8 is the highest point in Heaven?

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